Programmable, Remote Controlled Mount with Variable 0-20 Degree Tilt Down Eliminates Reflection and Off-Axis Viewing Problems while Reducing Potential Damage to Displays From Fireplace Heat

DENVER, September 6, 2007 - CLO Systems, an industry leader in advanced mounting solutions for flat panel displays, is showing its newly developed T -arm™ at this week's 2007 CEDIA Expo. T -arm is today's most affordable remote controlled robotic wall mount specifically designed for flat panel TVs mounted above the fireplace. In addition to helping eliminate heat issues while in its stowed position, the T -arm solves the three major complaints associated with viewing flat panel TVs installed above a fireplace: glare, reflection and off -axis viewing problems such as color shift and loss of picture detail. T -arm's remote controlled operation and 2 user -programmable memory presets provide custom integrators and homeowners with a vast array of on -axis mounting location options.

Building on the success of CLO's award -winning X -arm, T -arm's wide range of variable downward tilt movement (0 -20 -degrees) provides an optimum glare -free, on -axis viewing experience for viewers seated on the couch and floor. At the touch of a button on the remote control, 2 programmable memories recall stored viewing preferences. When not in use, T -arm fully retracts the display to an aesthetically pleasing and flush position residing 4.2 inches from the wall. The retracted, completely vertical stowage position (0 degrees of tilt down) eliminates potential damage to the TV caused by fireplace heat being trapped in the display's upper bezel. Auto Mode is a new feature on the T -arm that automatically retracts the television when it is turned off and extends the television for viewing when the set is turned on. This completely eliminates the need to use the separate T -arm remote when Auto Mode is selected.
"In practical terms, T -arm is a breakthrough product in technology, convenience and price point," said Ken Nguyen, director of sales and marketing at CLO Systems. "It is purpose -built to solve real -world viewing problems while seated in the viewing position. Who wants to get off the couch to manually adjust the mount every time room lighting conditions change or during sunrise and sunsets when high ambient and direct sunlight are especially problematic?"

Invisible from the front of the TV, T -arm is suitable for flat panel displays between 40 and 63 -inch sizes (up to 180 pounds). T -arm is easily installed in the same manner as any conventional manual wall -mounting unit. A universal mounting attachment kit is provided to facilitate easy coupling with the flat panel display.

A universal IR remote control is provided to control the T -arm as well as other AV components. T -arm is compatible with RS -232 -based control systems from Crestron, Life|ware, AMX and other leading providers, making T -arm a true home automation system component. Cable management provisions include concealment via a bellows located behind the display. The bellows also prohibits foreign objects from interfering with the movement of the actuators.

Availability and Sizes
T -arm is available now and is designed to accommodate either plasma or LCD flat panel TVs in 40 to 63 -inch sizes.

About CLO Systems, LLC
California -based CLO Systems, LLC was founded in 2005 to provide advanced robotic and manual mounting solutions for challenging consumer and Pro AV installations. CLO's team of robotic engineers and designers create and deliver inspired, elegant mounting solutions for today's demanding flat panel display applications. For more information on CLO Systems, please visit

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