Alternative USB Keyboard Finds Market in Europe and With Assistive Technology Users

New Standard Keyboards has signed several distribution agreements to make the company's ergonomic, 53-key, alphabetical keyboard available throughout mainland Europe and with two key assistive technology resellers based in the U.S.

New Standard Keyboards Signs Distribution Agreements in Europe and with Assistive Technology Resellers

- - The Keyboard Company, EnableMart and Ergoguys Offer NSK's Ergonomic, 53 -Key, Alphabetical Keyboard in Europe

SANTA MARIA, CA - New Standard Keyboards (NSK) recently signed several distribution agreements to make the company's ergonomic, 53 -key, alphabetical keyboard available throughout mainland Europe and to two key assistive technology resellers based in the U.S.

The Keyboard Company,, is the United Kingdom's leading distributor of keyboards and data input technologies and is a primary product source for resellers and customers in Europe. With its secure and easy ordering retail website, customers in the UK will be able to get next day delivery, and 2 -day delivery in mainland Europe of NSK's keyboard products.

"The New Standard keyboard offers a proven alternative keyboard for anyone who wants to touch type, seeks an easier and more efficient alternative to a Qwerty keyboard, or needs an ergonomic solution to make them more productive," said Bruce Whiting, Keyboard Company Managing Director.

In addition to The Keyboard Company, NSK strengthened its sales in the assistive technology market by signing reseller agreements with EnableMart and Ergoguys. This year marks the seventh anniversary of Vancouver, Washington -based EnableMart, which specializes in assistive technology products for government, education and home use. Ergoguys, headquartered in Chandler, Arizona is a reseller of ergonomic computer and assistive technology equipment, furniture and software for adults and children. The keyboards are immediately available from all distributors and resellers.

New Standard Keyboards currently offers two models, which have just half as many keys (53 -keys) over the standard 'QWERTY' design. The professional model (NSK535S) has a silver casing with black keys and white letters. It follows the company's first product (NSK535R), which features keys in the seven rainbow colors, corresponding to keyboard functions. The color -coding aids understanding of computers as well as making it an attractive accessory.

The aim of the New Standard keyboard is to reduce the learning curve for touch typing as well as make the task comfortable and efficient. The logical design of the keyboard reduces the number of keys so they are all within easy reach, and then lays them out where the fingers naturally move for comfort, speed and accuracy. The keys are arranged alphabetically so that the most common letter sequences are the easiest to type and the alphabet is broken into familiar chunks of four or five letters that are easy to memorize.

"These features all combine to make the touch typing skill quick to master," said John Parkinson, Founder of New Standard Keyboards. "In addition, the other common keyboard functions for editing, numeric data entry, etc., are all integrated onto the same keys so the same skill can be applied to these other jobs with very little additional learning."

The New Standard keyboard measures just 12 1/2 inches x 5 inches x 7/8 inches thick. There are no drivers to install and it supports any USB -equipped desktop or notebook computer running Linux or Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP or Vista.

The New Standard keyboard has a suggested list price of $69.95 US. For more information contact New Standard Keyboards at 805 -925 -2998 or

In the UK, contact The Keyboard Company (UK) Ltd., 0845 -205 5555,, EnableMart and Ergoguys can be reached at and


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