DisplaySearch Announces Detailed Agenda for Expanded 5th Annual HDTV Conference

DisplaySearch is pleased to announce the detailed agenda and initial speaker line-up for its 5th Annual HDTV Conference to be held on October 10-11, 2007 at the Hilton Universal in Los Angeles.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, August 2, 2007 - -DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research and consulting, is pleased to announce the detailed agenda and initial speaker line -up for its 5th Annual HDTV Conference (www.displaysearch.com/hdtv2007) to be held on October 10 -11, 2007 at the Hilton Universal in Los Angeles.

This year's conference has been expanded to include dedicated sessions on:
• The Future of Filmmaking
• HD Broadcasting Outlook
• HD Content Distribution Outlook
• HD Gaming Outlook

In addition, the conference will update its coverage on the following topics:
• HD Format War
• Next Gen DVD Hardware Outlook
• HDTV Market Outlook
• New Display Advances
• Home Connectivity
• Enhancing the HDTV Experience
• Retailer Panel

According to DisplaySearch Founder and President Ross Young, 'This year we will bring together executives representing all sources of HD content and most types of HD hardware. I don't believe any other market research conference can provide its attendees with as comprehensive of a view of HD market and technology trends. Attendees will not only benefit by hearing from and networking with industry leaders but will also be able to take advantage of sell -through, sell -in, supply chain and consumer research from DisplaySearch, The NPD Group and other market research firms.'

Conference sessions include

Keynote Session: Legendary Filmmakers Discuss the Impact of HD and Other New Technologies on Timeless and Future Films
Film fans are notorious for collecting their favorite must -own classic in every format it was ever released in, from VHS to Laserdisc to DVD and now HD and possibly 3D in the future. What does a director have to consider when bringing a 25 or 50 year old movie for presentation on a flawless 50' 1080p screen, knowing that owners can press their noses against the screen to scrutinize every detail? What about the sound? What wowed audiences back in the '70s is well below expectations for even a moderately impressive home audio system. Come hear the creators of the best content ever discuss what it takes to bring it to the best screens ever.

The Format War Is Over! No Wait, This Just In…
The battle to become the next packaged medium to succeed DVD has been a passionate, hard -fought effort from both sides. The scrappy HD DVD group has fallen behind many times, yet always seems to pick up speed to stay in the race. However, the formidable Blu -ray force of 190+ companies could finally be reaching the finish line. Or, will consumers simply be content to support both formats as long as the competition spawns attractive consumer benefits? Hear the latest from all sides in what always results in a lively debate.
• Ken Graffeo, EVP, Marketing, Home Entertainment, Universal
• Steve Nickerson, SVP, Market Management, Warner Home Video
• Russ Crupnick, Vice President, Senior Industry Analyst, The NPD Group
• Vito Mandato, Executive Consultant

HD Broadcasting Outlook
There are now 58 HD channels being broadcasted in the United States with 47 additional HD channels to begin broadcasting between September and June. When over 100 HD channels are available, how will the dynamics and economics of broadcasting change? Are broadcasters able to generate higher revenues with their HD content or are they expanding their HD channels to secure spectrum? When will the majority of commercials on HD channels appear in HD? What are the obstacles and when will they be overcome? The majority of HDTVs are not yet receiving HD service. When and how will this change? These and other questions will be answered by executives from three of the leading HD networks.
• Keynote: Bryan Burns, VP, Strategic Business Planning & Development, ESPN
• Karl Meisenbach, Director of Advertising, HDNet

HD Content Distribution Outlook
'100 national HD channels by the end of 2007.' 'Capacity for 500 HD channels by the end of the year.' '800+ HD viewing choices by the end of 2008.' 'Virtually unlimited HD channel capacity.' As HD service providers maneuver to one -up each other in the battle for consumers' living rooms, cable, satellite and telco experts will share their HDTV content distribution experiences and offer insights into the technologies that will enable the vast expansion of HD channel offerings.
• Mark Kersey, Principal Analyst, Kersey Strategies

HD Gaming Outlook
While the Nintendo Wii stole the thunder from the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 during the 2006 holiday season and the first half of 2007, the next generation gaming platform war is far from over as Sony and Microsoft reduce prices, introduce more games, add more compelling games, and offer additional functionality such as downloading movies. Are HD gaming platforms destined to become the center of our home networks or will they be stand -alone devices? Where are the game software suppliers putting their resources?
• Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Research, Wedbush Morgan Securities
• Microsoft - TBD
• Sony - TBD

New Display Advances
This session will examine the strategies that LCD, PDP and DLP suppliers are employing to improve performance and reduce costs. It will also examine the rise of LEDs as backlight sources and the use of 2D dimming to deliver high dynamic range performance to dramatically improve LCD contrast ratios. DisplaySearch will also present its view of industry performance roadmaps as well as its cost, price, supply/demand and shipment forecasts.
• Ross Young, Founder and President, DisplaySearch
• Adam Kunzman, DLP HDTV Business Manager, Texas Instruments
• Paul Meyhoefer, VP of Display Marketing and Product Planning, Pioneer
• Samsung LCD Business, TBD
• Bharath Rajagopalan, Business Line Director, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Next Gen DVD Hardware Outlook
As competition heats up in the format battle, how are the new second and even third generation HD DVD and Blu -ray players stacking up against their real foe: the $79 up -converting DVD player? What are the hot new features? Is there still a need for firmware updates? Has true connectivity been realized? Will interactive content via these new machines truly enhance the consumer movie -watching experience? What has the research shown in terms of consumer satisfaction with these new players relative to DVD, the most successful consumer electronics product ever. With prices much lower and awareness much greater this year, how much better will the 2007 holiday season be for next generation DVD players? When will next generation players overtake standard definition players? Can dual format players be successful? Leading DVD manufacturers will debate these and other questions.
• Moderator: Paul Erickson, Director of DVD and HD Market Research, DisplaySearch

Enhancing the HDTV Experience
This session will address advances in digital audio technology and an emerging video certification for Flat Panel HDTV's. As users demand a better sound and visual experience, the session will take a look at a new video certification designed to ensure image quality and simplify consumer purchasing decisions. In addition to the visual side, session participants will examine the latest digital audio surround sound technologies, including virtualized and simulated surround sound techniques, as well as other areas for audio enhancement, such as video -audio synchronization.
• Moderator: Vish Nayak, Vice President of TV and Display Electronics, DisplaySearch
• Alan Kraemer, Chief Technology Officer, SRS Labs
• Patrick Dunn, Director, Display Technology, THX Ltd.
• TBD, Dolby Labs
• TBD, Analog Devices

Home Connectivity
Better access to content from a wider variety of sources, particularly HD, brings with it a challenge to seamlessly move that content around the home. A variety of new and traditional technologies look to make that user experience easier without sacrificing the HDTV quality experience. The session will address wired and wireless solutions while keeping an eye towards ease of use for the consumer.
• Jim Sanduski, VP, Digital TV Solutions, HP
• John LeMoncheck, President and Chief Executive Officer, SiBeam
• Joe Lee, Evangelist, HDMI

TV Market Outlook
After the dust settled from a fast and furious 2006, leading brands are each developing unique strategies to thrive in the 2007 market environment and beyond. A whole new landscape of technologies and retailers awaits. This session will address and highlight each brand's unique approach to this new marketplace.
• Eddie Taylor, VP of TV Market Research and TV Team Leader, DisplaySearch
• Jeff Cove, VP of Technology and Alliances, Panasonic
• Frank DeMartin, VP of Marketing, Audio/Video Division, Mitsubishi
• Vinny Sollitto, CEO, Syntax -Brillian

Retailer Panel
Join a panel of leading retailers as they discuss the challenges of selling HDTVs, HD service and next generation DVD players and gaming platforms. How can manufacturers and retailers collaborate to develop better in -store displays that deliver the value proposition of HD to the consumer? How can retailers move from selling products and towards selling an HD solution to consumers? Where are attachment rates going for HD peripherals such as HD -DVD and Blu -ray players, HD service, and home installation? As retailers more aggressively expand their service and installation areas, how will this impact pricing and sell -through? What are expected to be the hot products and price points this holiday season? Is there enough supply? Will the pricing environment be as chaotic as last year and how will retailers respond? Can another price war be avoided? Are there nuances to the HD market (like regional pricing or marketing) that retailers and manufacturers can collaborate on to drive profitable sales?
• Moderator: Stephen Baker, VP, Industry Analysis, The NPD Group
• Noah Herschman, Director of Audio & Video, Amazon.com

There are a limited number of presentation slots remaining. If interested, please contact Heather Boudreau at Heather_Boudreau@displaysearch.com.

Register for both HDTV and the DVD Forum North America DVD Conference and Save!

DisplaySearch has co -located the HDTV Conference with the DVD Forum North America DVD conference, which takes place on Tuesday, October 9, 2007. Register for both events and save $100. For more information on both events, please visit www.displaysearch.com/hdtv2007
Both events take place at the Hilton Universal in Los Angeles, California. A special conference hotel rate of $165 per night is available when you book online or by referencing the Group Code DIS when calling the Hilton Universal at 800 -498 -5416. The special conference rate is only available until September 14, 2007 or until the room block is filled.

Sponsorship Opportunities
A limited number of sponsorships and exhibits remain. All sponsors will have their company's name distributed to over 20,000 recipients in conference collateral and press releases. In addition, sponsors receive a conference item with logo distributed to all paid attendees. Contact Heather Boudreau for more information on a sponsorship by calling 516 -625 -6133 or via email at heather_boudreau@displaysearch.com.

Sponsors of the event include:
Global Platinum - Dolby
Platinum - Analog Devices, Samsung and Syntax -Brillian
Silver - LCD TV Association, Micronas and SRS
Media Sponsors of the event include:
CustomRetailer, Dealerscope, HDTV Magazine, Home Toys and Veritas et Visus
Official Newswire Sponsor

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