CORIOflex from TV One - Build your own Switcher/Scaler system to fit your requirements

TV One shows the new CORIOflex system at IBC 2007

The new CORIOflex System from TV One is bound to have everyone talking at the IBC 2007 Exhibition this year, when it is unveiled to the European public for the very first time. Be the true architect of your installation by using CORIOflex modules to construct the system that fits your installation needs exactly. CORIOflex empowers integrators to decide the number and type of inputs, outputs and features an install needs.

CORIOflex is designed so that one Video Processor from TV One acts a base unit and a variety of Input Expansion modules can be added to make a Switcher/Scaler known as a CORIOflex system. The beauty of this modular approach to building systems is, as the name implies, its flexibility. There are a multitude of system combinations and by interchanging or adding further units, an installation can be modified or expanded with great ease making it extremely cost effective.

The keystone of any CORIOflex system is the C2 Series Video Processor from TV One. Selecting the correct C2 unit is dependant on the requirements of your system. The C2 -1000 and C2 -2000 Series encompass a wide range of Switcher/Scalers with Up, Down and Cross Conversion capability and because they are based on TV One's very own award -winning CORIO®2 Technology which is entirely firmware based, they can be upgraded for free at any time by downloading the latest firmware version from the TV One support website. This ensures that your system has the latest features and performance enhancements that are available, providing another degree of flexibility to your CORIOflex system.

The C2 -1000 range handles Composite and S -Video as well as analog Computer and HDTV signals and the C2 -2000 range adds DVI and optional SDI to the mix. Some models within the range provide advanced features such as Picture -in -Picture, Chromakey and Lumakey, Video Mixing, Special Effect Transitions and Edgeblending. Audio Switching is also an integral part of the Switcher/Scalers.

The building blocks of your system come from the S2 Series of Input Expansion Switchers which provide additional inputs of a wide variety of signal types when connected to the C2 unit via the Options connector. Integrators can choose from a range of models of varying signal types and number of inputs depending on their install needs. There are also models with or without stereo audio (balanced or unbalanced). So whether you are looking for a Seamless Switcher with Picture -in -Picture, Chromakey, Lumakey and Edgeblending features, with 37 inputs of Composite, S -Video, RGB/YPbPr and DVI, or 20 inputs of Composite, S -Video, RGB/YPbPr and DVI, all with Stereo Audio and delay or just 15 inputs of video only, you can be sure that you can design your own unique and powerful system specific to your needs using TV One's CORIOflex System.

The new CORIOflex System along with many other exciting products from TV One, will be on demonstration and display at the IBC 2007 Exhibition being held in Amsterdam between 7th and 11th September, so come along to our Stand 3.437 and see it in action.

Details of this exhibition and how to register for free can be found on the TV One website

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