TV One\'s new 17 input (including 8 HD -SDI) Dual Channel Video Processor makes European debut at IBC

IBC 2007 is fast approaching and TV One is excited to announce the first ever showing of the C2-7260 Dual Channel Video Processor within Europe.

This extraordinary product has a total of 17 inputs, including 8 HD -SDI, 8 outputs and a multitude of features that can satisfy the most demanding of requirements.

This powerful product is the most flexible unit available and is, in reality, multiple products in just one box. A single unit houses two completely independent video processing engines and two video mixers to give a huge range of flexibility within the one product. These two channels can behave as one whole unit or can act completely independently, with one channel performing one task whilst the other channel performs something completely different.

Either of the two channels within the one unit can provide Up, Down and Cross conversion of any of the 17 inputs, along with video and computer convergence. A multitude of functions can be performed such as Dual Picture -in -Picture, Aspect Ratio Conversion, Multi -format Logo Insertion, Worldwide Standards Conversion, Multi -format Seamless Switching with Transitions available in Special Effect, Cut or Fade, Chroma and Luma Keying as well as the newly added Edgeblending feature in which two images from a single source can be blended together using just one unit and two projectors thanks to the dual channel capability.

Windowing is a true strength of the C2 -7260. Any input can be shrunk and placed into either of two windows of any size and positioned anywhere on the screen, even overlapping each other with user defined layer priority control. The windows can be placed over any video from any other input (only 2 SDI inputs can be used at one time). The image in the window can then be seamlessly switched, faded in or out or even zoomed in or out. Keying can also be applied to each window independently and because the C2 -7260 uses 4:4:4 Video Sampling, not only does it provide a more faithful colour reproduction, it also allows precise keying down to the pixel level. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with Transparent / Soft keys.

The backbone behind this powerful and extraordinary product is TV One's own award -winning CORIO®2 technology and it is this that sets the C2 -7260 apart from other similar products available today. The cumulative experience and expertise of the design team based in Margate, UK, has established CORIO®2 as the leading video scaling technology available in today's market. Most manufacturers use third -party chipsets to provide video conversion which means that their products have a feature set frozen at their introduction, whereas TV One uses its own CORIO®2 technology therefore releasing its products from the constraints imposed by third parties and resulting in an unsurpassed degree of flexibility. The CORIO®2 video processing engine within the C2 -7260 is entirely firmware based and so like all other CORIO®2 products, this unit can be upgraded at any time by simply downloading the latest firmware version from the support website. This enables TV One customers to add new features to their C2 -7260 Dual Channel Video Processor many years after the initial purchase ensuring that their product will always be as up -to -date as the most recently sold unit.

The C2 -7260 Dual Channel Video Processor along with many other exciting products from TV One, will be on demonstration and display at the IBC 2007 Exhibition being held in Amsterdam between 7th and 11th September, so come along to our Stand 3.437 and see this remarkable unit in action.

Details of this exhibition and how to register for free can be found on the TV One website

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