Home Network Workshops at CEDIA EXPO

Training Dept. Seminars will be offering two new all-day workshops on Home Networks at CEDIA EXPO.

Comprehensive Home Network Workshops at CEDIA EXPO

Training Dept. Seminars will be offering two new all -day workshops on Home Networks at CEDIA EXPO.

Home Networks Fundamentals one -day workshop provides a firm foundation in the technology and hardware of Ethernet and TCP/IP based networks for the home. It covers what custom installers need to know to offer home network installation to customer including WAN access technology, how to compare service providers, consumer vs. professional equipment, and network architectures to support distributed A/V applications. This course demystifies the complexities of home network protocols, wireless operation, LAN security, router operation and selection, and much more. The course will demonstrate actual network equipment operation and configuration in the class.

The Advanced Home Network Design and Installation one -day workshop covers the more "advanced" aspects of designing and installing home data networks to support everything from audio and video streaming to remote device access. The course covers what it takes to offer a broadband and highly secure data network integrated with the internet that can be used by the dealer/customer to support any present and future data network application. It teaches the practical design issues of the network architecture, equipment selection, maintaining network security, equipment configuration, and proper documentation. The course will also demonstrate actual network hookup and configuration using a network designed in the class.

Grayson Evans, owner of Training Dept. Seminars says, "The biggest request I got in my previous one day home network classes was to separate the material into a "basics" class and an "advanced" class to allow more time to cover the complex issues in more detail. These courses are the result of a year of redesigning and expanding the latest home network material to provide for both those relatively new to home network technology, and those who know the basics but want training in more complex issues such as network design for bandwidth optimization, security, media streaming, and expandability. "

Dates, times, and costs for the courses:
Home Network Fundamentals: Sept. 4th, 8:00 a.m. ? 5:00 p.m. , $395
Advanced Home Network System Design and Installation: Sept. 5th, 8:00 a.m. ? 5:00 p.m., $395 ($695 for both courses)

Full course outlines are available online at www.trainingdept.com/html/seminars.html
Register online at the CEDIA Expo web site www.cedia.net/expo

About Training Dept. Seminars (www.trainingdept.com)
Training Dept. Seminars produces and delivers all Training Dept. classroom courses. The company delivers classroom courses in residential technology subjects for the custom electronics design and installation industry and has been doing so since 1991. Owner Grayson Evans has been actively involved in residential systems and home network development and training for the past two decades. He is the author of two books in the home automation field and hundreds of industry magazine articles. He is a CEDIA Certified instructor and has taught many courses at CEDIA University, CEDIA Expo, EH Expo, and other industry events for the past twelve years.

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