Quick -Click Vacuum Hose now available

New Quick Click Central Vacuum hose makes vacuuming far easier. It disconnects in the middle for convenient use. Additional hoses can easily be added and it eliminates difficult buttonlock issues.

Savvy consumers are finally picking up on the concept of central vacuums. Reading of any on -line blog forums will quickly split the consumers into two diametrically opposed camps: Those who absolutely love their central vacuums, and those who hate them. This has actually been going on for over four decades but there exists one single element at the center of the contention…. that terribly long hose.

Over the past few years a number of products have been introduced on the market to eliminate this objection, from Versa -Reel that wound the hose up, stretch -hoses that expanded to six times their length, the Hose Genie that dispensed the hose out of a wall cavity, to the expensive Hide -a -Hose that sucked the hose back into the wall. But none have caught on seriously with the consumers. Most consumers accept the fact that they need to use a hose but seriously wished it was much shorter.

Since 1983, tradeshow seminars within the central vacuum industry have been recommending that systems be designed around a 20 foot hose with a 10 or 15 foot extension. The major traffic areas could be easily cleaned, with the extensions being utilized for less trafficked areas. The advent of electric hoses halted this option as it was impossible to make a logical simultaneous connection of both the high and low voltage.

The solution: Quick -Click™ hose has finally brought the solution to the market. Not only does the hose disconnect at twenty feet, it also allows for additional expansion capabilities. The unique disconnect system sets the standard far above any other hose connection system in terms of function, design, safety, and ease -of -use.

Here's How it Works: The two hose ends roll together over two horizontally opposed catch points on the hose ends. This locking effect occurs both at the joint of the two hose sections as well as at the end that connects to the wand. According to its inventor, Scott Walker, the wand handle actually now stays in the wand and the hose is removed from the handle for storage. So now you can vacuum your major traffic areas with a 20 foot hose and add on a 10 or 15 foot extension for thorough cleaning. In fact, you could add additional hose sections if extra -long distances were required.

But the real challenge for this hose came with a test pool of the toughest magnitude possible. Imagine in your mind 15 female inspectors all closely examining a product for every minute flaw. Not just any females, we're talking experienced, real vacuum warriors who have tried every vacuum on the planet. No, not because they run vacuum stores, but because they've been around for 80 years plus! Not the best candidates for telling you how easy something is going to work! Most of them in this assisted -care facility were in wheelchairs, all had arthritis, and one particular lady could not even lift her arms and could barely move her hands. After many apologies about inability to perform the test due to her condition, she was finally coaxed into attempting to disconnect the hose. "This lady about cried in excitement when she found she could do it," says Scott Walker. "It took her two moves to adjust her grip but she still was able to disconnect the hose."

"Conventional hoses require many synchronistic strengths and manipulations to disconnect," states Walker. "A person needs to both squeeze the button lock in with their thumb while grasping the wand strongly enough for the other hand to pull against it. The process requires hand, arm and shoulder strength to complete this function." Because many weaker handed people find this very difficult, they actually "hate" their entire central vacuum system.

It's a fact of nature that women typically (not always) have weaker hands. Seeing historically that women make the purchasing decision regarding the home's vacuum, it would be wise to pay attention to their marketing requirements! There are over 54 million women over age 46 in the United States with another 38 million entering this age bracket in the next 12 years. Add to this the complication of Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, etc., and it's easy to see the serious need for a simpler hose connection.

Quick Click not only solves the "long hose" issue, it simultaneously meets the demand for an easier -to -use hose.

Reviews and availability: A limited quantity of these hoses have been released to MD Manufacturing dealers throughout the country and reviews have been excellent. Owen Perkins from Wehrli's Vacuum Center in Naperville, Illinois was really excited to get this hose into his client's hands. "It's just the solution we've been waiting for," said Owen. And dealers are already pointing out many other advantages.

"The interior of the hose handle contains a gradual curve that reduces friction while constantly maintaining a 1.25" interior" boasts Grant Olewiler, General Manager of M.D. Manufacturing. The hose now actually has three swivel points further reducing the potential for kinking as well. One swivel at the handle is further supported by a swivel on both sides of the mid -hose connection. And with the ability to remove the hose right behind the handle it will greatly reduce consumer clogs. Every time you put the hose away you will be able to see the interior of the connection.

"The first time I saw the hose I was concerned that this bulky joint twenty feet along the hose would be banging and catching on furniture," stated Olewiler. "But to my delight I hardly even knew the hose was there." The hose does come with a short hose sock to cover the joint and MD will soon have matching hose socks available for all the varying lengths of Quick -Click ™ hoses.

Vacuum performance tests have not yet been conducted but feedback from the field is already overwhelming. "The hose is clearly the largest factor in performance friction loss." states Olewiler. A few Quick -Click hose users complained their power heads were now too difficult to push because of the increased suction performance when using only a twenty foot hose. This is a good problem simply remedified by altering the height adjustment on the brush!

Did you accidentally miss installing an inlet in a certain area or does a large piece of furniture block access to an inlet? The Quick -Click™ hose can be extended. Need to carry the hose upstairs? The twenty foot length only weighs 5 pounds! And another unique feature is that each hose comes standard as a corded hose and easily converts to a direct connect with the plug adaptor included with each and every hose!

The bottom line is that the Quick -Click™ hose will simultaneously provide you with increased profit and greater customer satisfaction than any hose ever offered before. It is going to appeal to a larger audience and work in more applications than previous hose solutions. Its durability is unmatched and it is in stock ready to ship! M.D. Manufacturing has been chosen as the premier agent distributing the QuickClick™ hose in the USA. The 30 foot hose includes a 20 foot base, 10 foot extension (15 for a 35 foot hose), electric handle grip, low voltage handle grip, direct connect plug and small hose sock for the middle connection. MD has priced the hose slightly higher than their standard hose and is making it available in all their electric kits including Stealth®, Stealth II, Blackhawk, and EdgeLift. Additional extension hoses can also be purchased separately.

For additional dealer or distribution information, please contact Mike Kretsinger at M.D. Manufacturing at 800 -525 -2055 or mike@builtinvacuum.com. M.D. Manufacturing Inc. has specialized in the innovation and distribution of central vacuum products since 1961. Their 6,000 page www.centralvacuum.com website is the industry -acclaimed information center of the central vacuum industry.

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