CSI Launches Interactive Scan Do® HD Website

scandohd.tv offers an overview of Scan Do HD's feature set, technical specifications, an online demonstration of Scan Do HD's web-enabled Graphical User Interface, and a secure management portal to retrieve product updates and information.

Hauppauge, NY - Communications Specialties, Inc. (CSI) announces the launch of the Scan Do® HD website - scandohd.tv. The new site offers customers an overview of Scan Do HD's feature set, technical specifications, an online demonstration of Scan Do HD's web -enabled Graphical User Interface, and a secure management portal for owners of Scan Do HD to retrieve updates and information.

"We wanted a site that was brief and to the point. A site where the A/V or Broadcast professional can get the information they need quickly while getting to experience the product," says Richard Flathmann, Web and Graphics Administrator. The site presents the user with a description of each of the products buttons and connectors along with complete technical specifications on -screen or available for download.

Scan Do HD's Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers remote management with the ability to command and control your Scan Do HD from anywhere in the world. Control over output resolutions, genlock, image processing and pan and zoom are just some of the capabilities of the GUI. "The online 'test drive' of Scan Do HD's GUI was something we knew the site would offer from the start," adds Flathmann. "This is an exciting feature of the Scan Do HD and to give our customers a way to experience it first hand was an essential component of the project."

For owners of Scan Do HD, the site features a secure log -in area. Via this web enabled control panel, customers can store and recall information about each of their Scan Do HDs, review and download updates, retrieve manuals and more. The Scan Do HD profiles offer them the ability to store their Scan Do HD's IP address, firmware and GUI versions, locations and more.

The Scan Do HD is user -upgradeable via the Scan Do HD's GUI. The secure portal gives customers the ability to research and learn about new features offered and download them to disk for quick and easy updating. "Downloading and installing the updates to your Scan Do HD is "a simple point -and -click operation," says Flathmann.

"The Scan Do HD will continue to evolve and be molded to meet the growing needs of our customers," says John Lopinto, CSI President and CEO. "This web -enabled, online epicenter was the ideal solution to bring us closer to our customers while providing them a very simple and intuitive upgrade path." During a recent product tour throughout the Asia/Pacific region, the portal was met with overwhelmingly positive response. Lopinto adds, "We knew we did everything right with the Scan Do HD itself, and it's very gratifying when all the other components are received with the same level of enthusiasm."

The all -digital Scan Do HD converts DVI input, at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, to high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) SDI output, providing broadcast -quality video images. It supports all SMPTE HD -SDI output resolutions up to 1080i, and SD -SDI resolutions (NTSC and PAL), making it the most versatile model in the Scan Do family.

The Scan Do HD offers features designed specifically for the broadcaster, including the ability to genlock both the HD and SD SDI outputs to tri -level sync or black burst with full phasing control. It has complete image processing controls, H&V zoom and positioning, and preset storage/retrieval. A LAN port allows for control and maintenance of the unit through a facility's LAN or via the internet. And, the 1 RU -high Scan Do HD includes SMPTE 292 and 297 compatible fiber optic output, along with two coaxial outputs.

For more information, or to download a brochure, please visit scandohd.tv today!

For more information on the complete line of Scan Do® scan converters, visit commspecial.com or contact CSI headquarters at: Phone: (631)273 -0404, Fax: (631)273 -1638, Email: info@commspecial.com.

Founded in 1983, Communications Specialties, Inc. (CSI) is recognized worldwide for its development of innovative products in the areas of fiber optic transmission and computer -video technology. CSI manufactures the Pure Digital Fiberlink® line of point -to -point fiber optic transmission systems for video, audio and data, the award -winning Scan Do® line of scan converters and Deuce® video scalers. The company is headquartered on Long Island, NY and has a wholly -owned subsidiary, , Communications Specialties Pte Ltd in Singapore.

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