Keep High Definition Live Events under Control with TV One\'s C2 -7210

The C2-7210 Dual Channel HD Video Processor will put live event control at the user's fingertips with the new CORIO EXP Front Panel which features a more user-friendly 48 button face.

MARGATE, Kent, 20th June 2007 - The C2 -7210 is a perfect addition to TV One's award -winning CORIO®2 based C2 -7000 Series. The CORIO EXP Front Panel takes away the difficulty of running a live event in HD with 48 easy to use push -buttons, multi -way navigation and LCD screen. It caters specifically to those in the live event industry with its video processing capabilities such as Edge Blending, Seamless Switching with cross fades, two Independent Output Channels in HD and Dual PIP with up to five layers (including 3 of video).

The C2 -7210 has 11 inputs: two HD -SDI or SD -SDI, three DVI -I (which also handle RGB, YUV or YPbPr), three Composite Video and three S -Video. The C2 -7210 has two independent outputs channels that each offer HD -SDI or SD -SDI, DVI -I, virtually any RGB format and Composite or S -Video supporting virtually every bi -directional analog -to -HDTV conversion thinkable. Some other ways the C2 -7210 can be used are as a HD Video Scaler or Converter, Chroma/Lumakeyer, Worldwide Standards Converter, Frame Synchronizer/TBC and Aspect Ratio Converter.

The C2 -7210 is operable in several modes consisting of Switcher Mode, Independent Mode and Dual PIP Mode. The Switcher Mode has equally powerful Program and Preview channels that allow any function (Next Image, PIP, Keying, Logo, etc.) to be set up and previewed, totally independent of the Program output. Independent Mode provides all the power of two completely independent scalers in one box, each with a full range of features, including PIP, Keying, Transitions, etc. Each output can deliver different formats and resolutions simultaneously. Dual PIP Mode allows any video input to be placed into either of two windows of any size and positioned anywhere on the screen, even overlapping each other with user defined layer priority control.
The C2 -7210 handles all known HDTV formats plus any analog RGB resolution up to 2048x2048. New or unusual resolutions can be easily added using the software based resolution calculator making it perfect for digital signage applications. It also has 4:4:4 sampling which provides full bandwidth color allowing precise keying, including Transparent (Soft) Keys. It has delay -free HD -SDI Audio Pass through for Lock backgrounds. A fast Logo memory is provided, so the unit can easily be used as a Logo Inserter. Advanced motion compensation (PAL and NTSC) is employed to smooth out fast moving images and its automatic 3:2 Pull -down detection efficiently de -interlaces video from 24 fps film (NTSC).
The C2 -7210 offers several other methods of control including remote control via RS -232 or Ethernet (IP), the Windows Control Panel or the CC -300 CORIOconsole. The C2 -7210 will have a suggested retail price of £5950 (8747) and will start shipping in July.

For more information about TV One and their product line, please visit their website Alternatively you can contact their European Sales and Technical Department on +44 (0) 1843 873311 or at

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