Top Industry Designer and Speaker Manufacturer Come Together To Introduce a High- End Audio Loudspeaker of Outstanding Form and Function

MILAN, ITALY -May 16, 2007 - KEF, renowned British manufacturer of audiophile -quality speakers, has unveiled MUON, a distinctively new loudspeaker that features audio innovation and a cutting -edge, ultra -modern design. The speakers are the direct result of the marriage between KEF's world -class engineering team and visionary designer Ross Lovegrove, one of the leading industrial designers of our time. These impressive loudspeakers, standing nearly 7 feet tall, were recently unveiled during the famed Milan design fair, arguably the most prestigious design gathering in the world.

The central aim of the MUON project was to create the ultimate in sound technology and design innovation. These ultra -exclusive speakers will be limited in production to just 100 pairs and will be sold in only 10 cities worldwide, including New York and Los Angeles.
Rarely has such a sublime union of form, function and manufacturing integrity been realized in the commercial world. "We wanted to push our technology to new limits," said Dr. Andrew Watson, KEF's Senior Acoustic Engineer. The result is an unparalleled loudspeaker that will bring unbelievable sound quality to serious audiophiles as well as music lovers. MUON is an exquisite example of British engineering and design at its very best."
The MUON loudspeaker is made from super -formed aluminum, which uses a similar molding process to vacuum forming. Malleable sheets of heated aluminum were used to achieve otherwise impossible shapes. The eventual form of the loudspeaker was the result of a careful convergence between Ross Lovegrove's design aesthetics and the physics of sound. The process by which it was conceived meant that, in effect, Ross Lovegrove was sculpting the sound by 'skinning' the technology with purposeful form.
MUON's four -way speaker system mounted into the front of the structure with its powerful bass drivers is one of the elements that make it so superior. But it is also the upper mid -range and treble where some of MUON's key technology lies in the form of the Uni -Q® drive unit array, remarkable in its construction and delivering a seamless sonic picture throughout the listening environment.
KEF has also used its Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE™) technology, which enables them to effectively double the available volume through adsorption of air molecules by activated carbon, or 'magic dust'. The two additional bass drivers mounted on the back of MUON help to produce a remarkably clean and open sound by dealing with room effects. Finally, the 6mm thick, heavily damped aluminum shell provides a totally rigid structure that minimizes any sound -distorting vibrations.
As a truly contemporary art form appropriate for 21st century living, MUON is unequivocally at the apex of speaker design and technology. Simply stated, MUON is the best you can get.

Talking Points:
• KEF Unveils MUON loudspeakers at the prestigious Milan design fair.
• Designer Ross Lovegrove was commissioned by KEF to create the ultimate in loudspeaker innovation and design.
• MUON is made from super -formed aluminum which uses a similar molding process to vacuum forming. Malleable sheets of heated aluminum were used to achieve otherwise impossible shapes.
• MUON's key technology lies in the form of its trademark UniQ® driver array.
• MUON's production will be limited to 100 pairs and it will be available in select cities throughout the world including New York and Los Angeles.
• MUON will retail for $130,000.

About Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove, a materials and technology -led industrial designer, is to those who know his work, a visionary. His career has been galvanized by the form -inspiring and poetic qualities of materials and manufacturing processes. What is unique about his work is his holistic approach to design -his aim is always to create objects in which functional and ergonomic refinement are united with a deep emotional magnetism. Lovegrove's work features in permanent collections in design museums globally including the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) and the Design Museum in London. In 2005 he was awarded the World Technology Award by Time and CNN.

About KEF Audio

KEF Audio, a division of GP Acoustics, is a UK based company that has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer of stunning, audiophile -quality speakers for modern home cinema, hi -fi and custom installation applications. KEF products which are distributed around the globe, have won awards from both sides of the Atlantic, as KEF is a brand name long associated with style, quality and technical innovation.

Founded in 1961 by a British electrical engineer named Raymond Cooke on the banks of the River Medway, KEF is driven by a passionate belief in the power of new materials, new technologies and design ingenuity. Still occupying the same riverbank site, KEF passionately remains true to its patented, proven technologies such as Uni -Q® and ACE®. These characteristics, traditions and above all sound quality, secure KEF's world -class reputation.

About KEF America, Inc.

KEF America, a division of KEF Audio, offers loyal North American audiophiles a stream of innovative speakers and components unmatched in the industry. Headquartered in Marlboro, New Jersey, KEF America shares the same guiding principles as its British counterpart: ground -breaking design, exceptional sound and an unshakeable commitment to excellence.

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