Compact Display Remote and Charging Dock Give You Freedom to Roam While Keeping Control in the Palm of Your Hand

CHARLESTON, S.C. - May 16, 2007 - - Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO)TM, a leading manufacturer of digital device accessories, today unveiled the HomeDock Music Remote, the remote control that lets you connect your iPod to your home stereo and roam the house freely, viewing and controlling all your music from the palm of your hand. The newest addition to DLO's HomeDock family of iPod entertainment docks, the HomeDock Music Remote includes a slim, compact display remote that not only lets you control what's playing, but also see what's playing through a sleek OLED display. The HomeDock Music Remote uses RF signals, so it works through walls and ceilings, giving you control from virtually anywhere - even the backyard. The HomeDock Music Remote retails for $129.99 and is available now at Apple Stores and at www.dlo.com.

"Just like DLO's HomeDock Deluxe is the ultimate on -TV iPod experience in your living room, the HomeDock Music Remote is the way to enjoy your iPod throughout your entire house," said Andrew Green, vice president of marketing at DLO. "From the bedroom to the backyard, the HomeDock Music Remote gives you full control of the songs on your iPod. You can pause to answer the phone, and then crank the music back up without running back and forth to the stereo."
The HomeDock Music Remote comes with everything you need to connect to a home stereo or TV. Once connected, simply dock your iPod and download song and playlist information to the Music Remote. The bright, easy -to -read display lets you navigate and select iPod playlists and artists from anywhere within 150 ft, controlling functions such as Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Next Track, Rewind/Previous Track, as well as Volume and select iPod settings.
Perfect for spontaneous get -togethers, the Music Remote also includes the ability to create on -the -fly playlists with its "Jukebox" feature. Simply select "Jukebox" from the Music Remote's main menu, and then pick up to ten songs from your music library to be added. The Music Remote dock also comes equipped with a USB port that enables you to sync your iPod with your computer and iTunes.
The HomeDock Music Remote is the first product resulting from the previously announced partnership between DLO and Advanced Bridging Technologies (ABT). ABT is best known for its iJet line of iPod RF remote controls.

Pricing and Availability
The DLO HomeDock Music Remote is available online at www.dlo.com and at Apple Stores nationwide for $129.99. For more information on the HomeDock Music Remote and DLO's complete line of digital device accessories, please visit http://www.dlo.com.

About Digital Lifestyle Outfitters
DLO produces a complete line of digital device accessories available worldwide. DLO products span from cases and cables to remotes and speaker systems. With the digital revolution at hand - DLO is leading the way outfitting your digital lifestyle. For more information, visit www.dlo.com.

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