Screen Research Selected for the Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival)

Leading Brand of High Performance Screens Named Official Provider for World-Class Cinematic Event

Bellingham, WA, May 9, 2007 - - Screen Research, a world leader in acoustically transparent video projection screens for the residential and commercial markets, has been selected as official provider for the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes otherwise known as "Cannes Film Festival" - - this year celebrating its 60th year. The company's ClearPix™2 screens are used as the reference in all of the digital screening rooms at the celebrated event, widely recognized as the world's most prestigious film festival.

ClearPix™2 screens are also to be found at the Short Film Corner which is dedicated to the promotion of short films. Created in 2004 to respond to the demand of top flight directors and producers alike, it is a platform to both host and showcase their films. It also represents an exceptional stepping stone for moving up from shorts to features.

Screen Research screens in the 4 Marché du Film digital projection rooms are:
• Gray 1 - 76 seats
Screen Research Supreme Fixed
224" by 95.3" / 2.35:1 ratio

• Gray 2 - 45 seats
Screen Research Supreme Fixed
160" by 90" / 16:9 ratio

• Gray 3 - 45 seats
Screen Research Supreme Fixed
100" by 56.2" / 16:9 ratio

• Gray 4 - 36 seats
Screen Research Supreme Fixed
100" by 56.2" / 16:9 ratio

Screen Research screens in the 3 Short Film Corner projection rooms are:

Screen Research Supreme Fixed
80" by 45" / 16:9 ratio

Yves Trelohan, CEO and founder of Screen Research, commented, "It is a great honor indeed to have our ClearPix2 screens chosen by the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes. This is the leading film event in the world with all of the industry's most distinguished performers, directors, and producers. We are proud of our products and how beautifully they perform in their digital screening rooms."

About ClearPix2 Screens

Designed and trademarked by Screen Research, ClearPix2 proprietary micro -fiber woven fabric provides for the first acoustically transparent video projection screen designed expressly for use with fixed -pixel projectors. It has been certified by both THX and the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for its color uniformity and off -axis viewing quality, consistency, and unmatched acoustical transparency and neutrality.

Unlike traditional perforated screens, the acoustically transparent ClearPix2 screens require no compensation equalization for speakers placed behind them nor do they introduce the comb filtering associated with perforated solid vinyl materials. In addition, the absence of perforations eliminates the moiré interference patterns that plague conventional perforated screens when they are used with fixed -pixel projectors.

As a result of these significant product innovations, home and commercial theater designers who utilize popular high performance digital projectors such as DLP, LCD and D -ILA can place the center channel loudspeaker right where it belongs - behind the screen and at the proper height for optimum sound and image coherence.

Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes
The Festival de Cannes first began in 1937 and is held annually in the town of Cannes in the south of France. Cannes has become an important showcase for films throughout the world and during the event showcases a virtual "who's who" of movie stars and directors alike. Additionally, the festival is a popular venue for movie producers to launch their new films and attempt to sell their works to the distributors who come to Cannes from all over the globe.

The Cannes Film Festival dates this year are May 16 through 27.

Key Screen Research Features:

• Screen Research ClearPix2 has been selected by the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes for use in their digital screening rooms
• Proprietary ClearPix2 fabric is so transparent it allows sound to pass through unaltered - without expensive re -eqing or deleterious comb -filtering effects.
• Woven technique provides greater transparency and eliminates moiré effects found in conventional perforated screens when used with digital projectors. No video resolution loss with today's 2K or 4K digital projectors.
• ClearPix2 is certified by both THX and ISF

About Screen Research

Innovative French manufacturer, Screen Research offers a complete line of "State -of -the -Art" video projection screens solutions including acoustically transparent screens (THX and ISF certified) of the highest quality, especially designed to match today's modern fixed pixel projectors (LCD, DLP, L -COS etc) as well as non -acoustically transparent projection screens (ISF certified).

The company offers a full range of fixed and motorized screens up to the most sophisticated solutions - fixed screens with masking systems and the award -winning "Le Wing", the only retractable screen with retractable speaker system on the market.

New TheaterCurve™ screens, introduced at US CEDIA 2006, match the new anamorphic lenses of several high -end projector companies. The company also is the first and only screen supplier to make 4 -way curved masking screens.

The products have rapidly been recognized and awarded for bringing significant improvements to existing technology. Headquartered in Nantes, France, Screen Research distributes its products worldwide via a privileged network of distributors, dealers and integrators. StJohn Group, Inc distributes Screen Research in North America and the Caribbean.

About StJohn Group

StJohn Group, Inc. is not a typical American distributor. Only representing lines offering exclusive North American distribution opportunity allows the company to closely work with its partners on a holistic approach to brand development. Unlike most U.S. distributors, StJohn Group handles all facets of sales and marketing, including literature and collateral creative and production, advertising creative and buys, public relations, web sites, business development and long range market planning.
Based in Bellingham, WA with a satellite office in Ventura, CA, StJohn Group has seventeen regional representative firms and an active roster of more than 600 specialty A/V dealers.
StJohn Group specializes in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market - both residential and commercial - and represents Artcoustic Loudspeakers, Cabasse Loudspeakers, iSky Panel Systems, and Screen Research in North America and the Caribbean.
High resolution photography of Screen Research screens and company logo are available by request.


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