MED's MIT D -Tools Training Program Awarded Infocomm Certification Renewal Units!

Subscribers to Media Environment Design's MIT training program for D-Tools are now eligible to receive renewal units (RU's) toward their Infocomm certification.

May 8, 2007, San Diego, CA - Media Environment Design, Inc, founding D -Tools certified partner and creator of the successful "MIT" Unlimited D -Tools training program, has announced its acceptance by Infocomm as an approved certification renewal units training provider. The D -Tools training courses provided through MIT (Media Interactive Training) will now give attendees credit toward their Infocomm certifications.

Each course has been awarded a RU value based upon its content, duration and learning objectives. These values were awarded after the courses were reviewed by Infocomm's certification approval staff. The individual course values are available on MED's website, . Media Environment Design will provide each MIT attendee with a course completion certificate upon completion of one of its MIT courses. The attendee will then need to submit the MIT courses along with their Infocomm certification renewal form.

"We have consistently been working with more commercial contractors and have received a multitude of requests from our customer base to seek Infocomm certification for our MIT courses. The certification program offered by Infocomm is very strong and we are thrilled to have our courses approved for certification renewal units (RU's)", Explains Ryan Brown, Vice President of MED.

MIT consists of fourteen, 90 -minute training sessions, using the latest desktop sharing technology from the convenience of the attendees own office. All courses are taught using an interactive online (internet) web training utility. Each attendee signs in from his or her office workstation to the web session prior to class; calls a specific telephone number for teleconferencing; and then views the live training presentation and talks to the instructor via the telephone. A question and answer period follows each training session. MIT subscription also includes access to on demand video trainings, in addition to the live courses. The schedule for all courses is published at the Media Environment Design website

Companies subscribing to the training program retain unlimited access to the instructor taught training sessions for an entire year (one class is taught each day, every business day of the year). An added plus is that many people within the company can participate in the training sessions and staffers can take and re -take courses as necessary. The MIT Training program was created to address the training requirements of the various staff positions as they relate to the implementation and ongoing utilization of D -Tools software.

For more information please visit or contact Ryan Brown at (760) 434 -9040 or by email at

About Media Environment Design, Inc.
Media Environment Design, Inc. (MED), founded in 1999 and based in San Diego, CA, provides a wide range of services to dealers in the systems integration industry. MED has trained and implemented hundreds of integration companies with D -Tools software. MED exclusively provides D -Tools regional and onsite trainings for D -Tools, Inc. MED is a certified reseller for Tigerpaw software. Our services are designed to help integrators elevate their businesses and to help them become more efficient, effective and profitable. It is our mission to make your business better. For more information, contact MED at (760) 434 -9040, e -mail at or visit MED online at .

About D -Tools, Inc.
D -Tools is a worldwide leader in easy -to -use, highly accurate system design software. The company, founded in 1998 and based in Concord, California, offers a wide range of products and services created to simplify the complicated design, engineering, documentation and estimating processes that accompany residential and commercial installation projects of any size. D -Tools is the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association's Mark of Excellence Award (2004, 2005, 2006), National Systems Contractors Association and Sound and Video Contractor's Innovations in Technology for Business Productivity Award (2004, 2005) and CE Pro's High Impact Award for Design Software. For more information, contact D -Tools at (866) 386 -6571, e -mail at info@d or visit D -Tools online at www.d .

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