RHINO Professional Labeling Tools Launches its Most Powerful Label Printer Ever - The RHINO™ 6000

Building on the powerful RHINO brand, the new RHINO™ 6000 Label Printer offers unparalleled ease-of-use, exclusive functionality and advanced PC connectivity

April 16, 2007, Stamford, CT - RHINO Professional Labeling Tools is proud to announce the release of the RHINO 6000, its newest and most powerful label printer ever. Built from the ground up to support the demanding labeling needs of the electrical, datacomm, security, construction and MRO markets - and others - the RHINO 6000 delivers an ultra -powerful assortment of exclusive features at a very affordable price.

"At RHINO, we pride ourselves on developing products that are specifically designed with our end -users in mind", stated Douglas Waldal, Global Business Director of RHINO. "With the RHINO 6000, we spent an enormous amount of time out on job sites; talking with end -users about features they need in a label printer. We listened very carefully and developed a product that meets and, in my opinion, exceeds those needs. We have a revolutionary product - one that we feel leap -frogs all of the competition and truly positions RHINO as the premier label printer in the industry".

The RHINO 6000 is the first printer in the RHINO product family to offer PC connectivity. Labels can be created by downloading files from any Windows -based software program (like Microsoft Excel) or by using RHINO's own RHINO CONNECT™ labeling software (sold separately). Now, content can be prepared ahead of time on a PC, downloaded via a USB cable, and printed on the RHINO 6000 in the office (for kitting) or stored in the printer and printed right at the jobsite. Plus, with the new Transfer Manager that's integrated directly into the RHINO CONNECT software, any labels changed at the jobsite can also be uploaded back to the computer for documentation purposes. Of course, like all of our other award -winning RHINO printers, users always have the option to type and print labels as needed directly from the RHINO 6000, without using a PC.

But computer connectivity is just one of the many new features that make the RHINO 6000 the most advanced label printer in the RHINO product family. Other features include RHINO's exclusive "Hot Keys" that help users save time by instantly formatting commonly used label formats such as horizontal and vertical wire wraps, flags, vertical and fixed length labels, serialized patch panels, common barcodes and much more. A built -in library includes over 250 pre -programmed industry symbols and terms for audio/video, voice/data, and security. Plus, tons of memory allows users to customize over 1,000 labels with logos, symbols and industry terms - and recall them in an instant.

"When RHINO asked me to be part of the Beta testing for the RHINO 6000 I was skeptical," said Cory Pedersen, a licensed Electrician in Wisconsin. "I am a busy guy and I already own a RHINO 5000 printer. I use the RHINO 5000 all the time and I didn't think the RHINO 6000 could be any better. I was wrong. This new printer is amazing. The PC connectivity allows me to create my labels ahead of time and then print them as I need them in the field. The new "Hot Keys" make creating wire wraps even easier than before - with added wire sizes and the advanced serialization is extremely easy to use. I was very impressed, but you have to see it for yourself. This printer will save me a lot of time on the job site."

The new RHINO 6000 also includes these features: a larger and brighter backlit display for working in low -light conditions, a power -assisted cutter, and a quick -charge lithium -ion rechargeable battery pack. Unlike other RHINO printers, the RHINO 6000 has integrated impact bumpers that do not need to be removed in order to reload label cartridges. The new RHINO 6000 uses RHINO labels up to 1" wide, an increase in size from previous RHINO models that had a maximum label width capacity of 3/4". The printer also features a powered cassette ejection system for effortless labels.

"The real beauty of this new printer is that despite all the advanced features and functionality we've incorporated into it, it's still extremely installer -friendly and simple to use," said Michael Clemens, RHINO Sr. Marketing Manager. "If people find a label printer too difficult to use, they just won't use it. With our new RHINO 6000, they'll be surprised at how quickly they can just pick it up and start labeling. There is no doubt in my mind that this is just the best label printer on the market today."

The RHINO 6000 is an ideal labeling tool for datacomm, professional Audio/Video, security and electrical systems, as well as all types of labeling throughout commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, and even homes. The RHINO 6000 printer retails for $249. A hard case kit version is also available for $349 (which includes the RHINO CONNECT software). The Software is available separately for $199.99.


RHINO is a brand within DYMO, a business unit within Sanford L.P., a Newell Rubbermaid company (NYSE: NWL). DYMO designs and manufactures RHINO professional label printers and tools for commercial, residential and industrial use. RHINO labeling tools are designed with easy -to -use features that greatly reduce labeling time. Learn more at www.rhinolabeling.com.

Contact Information
Kathy Helman, Marketing Communications
RHINO, A Division of DYMO, A Newell Rubbermaid Company
44 Commerce Road, Stamford, CT 06902
ph: 330 -708 -1465

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