Odyssey -VI Wine Cellar Management System

April 16, 2007 - Napa Valley - Invictus Wine Group today introduced the newest version of its Odyssey-VI Wine Cellar Management System designed specifically for the homeowner with a large wine collection. Designed by wine lovers for wine lovers!


Odyssey -VI is an easy -to -use server -based system combining state -of -art technology and ease -of -use for managing your treasured wine collection. The system utilizes the fastest database engine available, along with hardware based on an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor [1.86GHz] with 1024MB of 667MHz SDRAM, providing unparalleled performance, stability and reliability.

Odyssey -VI is a fully integrated system that records and tracks information about each bottle of wine in your collection. Detailed information including purchase price [or fair -market -value], rating, maturity dates, and tasting notes can be entered for each wine.

For new arrivals, you enter the information for the wine by easy -to -use drop -down menus. Twenty separate attributes can be entered and tracked. Only four of these are required as a minimum to assure accurate tracking throughout the system.

Odyssey -VI is the only system that provides the depth of detail that allows you to manage directly even the intricacies of the nomenclature of Burgundy and Bordeaux! Using Odyssey -VI you can record your latest acquisition from Joseph Drouhin as:

A Burgundy wine from France
From the Cote de Nuits area of Cote d'Or
From the village of Chambolle -Musigny
And the Grand Cru vineyard of Musigny

None of these values are required. It is strictly the choice of the user as to which, if any, of these values to include when entering a new wine into inventory.

Tasting notes can be entered and tracked regardless of whether the wine is in inventory at the time. When the wine is later added, the system will automatically associate the wine and the note. Likewise, notes can be added after a particular wine has been added to inventory. Multiple notes can be entered for any selection.

At the touch of a virtual button, or the click of a mouse, you can search your cellar inventory and quickly retrieve the information about the wine you're interested in. You can search your collection on any of a wide selection of attributes including:

Drink -By Date

A number of built -in inventory reports readily provide information in PDF format, making saving, printing and even emailing of reports a simple matter. The Comprehensive Inventory Report [also known as the Insurance Report] provides a simple solution to providing periodic reports of cellar contents and value to your insurance company.

Others talk about barcode - Odyssey -VI delivers! Odyssey -VI is the only Wine Cellar Management System that truly offers the ability to utilize the label barcode to provide pertinent information about a bottle of wine. Simply scanning the barcode on a label provides only the producer code and the producer's SKU number. Odyssey -VI with its Electronic Product Code database of over 70,000 wines provides detailed information including:

Label Name
Bottle Size

The barcode on the bottle is scanned and the detailed data retrieved from the Electronic Product Catalog. These data are presented to you for review and may be edited as desired. With the data entered, the system now can track the bottle by means of the barcode on the label. For bottles without barcode labels, an optional barcode printing function allows you to add labels to those bottles requiring them.

Odyssey -VI offers out -of -the -box network capability. Dual Ethernet ports are included for connection to home networks and control systems. No additional hardware or software is required to place your system on your local network. Throughout your home - or around the world - you now have complete control of your wine cellar inventory regardless of your location.

The integral Database Backup feature allows you to easily protect your data by running backups to the integral CD/DVD drive. The easy -to -use Database Restore capability can be performed literally in a matter of seconds, making the task of data recovery extremely easy thereby minimizing disruption.

Optionally, a dual hard drive RAID system [Redundant Array of Independent Drives] is available to provide fault tolerance from disk errors and single disk failure. The array will continue to operate even with one failed drive. Then it becomes simply a matter of having a member of the Geek Squad from your local Best Buy [or computer service company of your choice] come to your house and replace the failed drive should this ever become necessary. Regardless, you are never without access to your wine collection!

The retail price of Odyssey -VI currently is $6,995 [$7,995 with barcode option], and the system comes with a 1 -year warranty.

For additional information, please contact:

Marlo Milner
Sr. Director, Marketing & Sales
Invictus Wine Group
877 -823 -2529

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