Home Entertainment Show 2007 Exhibitors Are Getting Ready to Shine

Exhibitors at Home Entertainment 2007, the High Performance Sound & Imaging Show, are gearing up for one of the most important international events of the year!

New York, NY -April 6, 2007 -Exhibitors at Home Entertainment 2007, the High Performance Sound & Imaging Show, are gearing up for one of the most important international events of the year! HE 2007 will take place May 11 -13, 2007 at the Grand Hyatt New York, conveniently located in Grand Central Station in New York City. This historic centrally located venue will provide the perfect setting to showcase the latest in home audio/video entertainment products, and this year's event marks the show's seventh visit to the Big Apple.

Open to the public, the 2 -1/2 day show will focus on the luxury lifestyle, as well as highlight high -end home audio and home -theater products for design -conscious audiophiles and videophiles at all income levels. Ticket holders can see the latest in technology in the forms of loudspeakers, turntables, home -theater systems, and much more. In addition, a ticket to Home Entertainment 2007 provides free access to live music and free educational seminars by industry experts. Showgoers will have a chance to quiz industry experts while learning the meaning of new technology buzzwords relating to equipment, and how to make informed buying decisions.

Home Entertainment 2007 is co -sponsored by PRIMEDIA's Home Technology & Photography Group of leading online and print publications: Stereophile, Audio Video Interiors, Home Theater, UltimateAVmag.com, and Shutterbug. Participating sponsors include: Hewlett -Packard, Hometoys.com, OnVideo.com, and Quebec Audio & Video magazine.

Friday, May 11
9:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. Trade and Press only
2:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Open to the Public

Saturday, May 12
10:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. Open to the Public

Sunday, May 13
10:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Open to the Public

May 11 -13, 2007
Home Entertainment 2007
Grand Hyatt New York
Park Avenue at Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY


Partial List of Exhibitors to Date

Acoustic Sounds
AIX Records/Hi -Res Music
Ambiophonics Institute
Aperiod Audio
Audio Alloy LLC
Audio Connection
Audio Space
Audiostone AS
Aurum Acoustics
Axonix Corporation
Behold -USA
Bolzano Villetri
Cable Research Lab, Inc.
Chengdu Xindak Electronic Co., Ltd.
Clear -audio
Crystal Cable
Echo Busters
Elusive Disc
Gershman Acoustics
GINI Systems
GURU Pro Audio
Hewlett -Packard
Hi Fi One
High Fidelity SSS
High Water Sound
Holographic Audio
Hyperion Sound Design, Inc.
Jenving Technology AB
JPS Labs
Kubotek USA, Inc.
Lamm Industries
Laufer Teknik, Inc.
Lipinski Sound
Listening & Measurements Workshops
Lotus Audio Import
MA Recordings
Marriot Vacation Club International
May Audio

Mbl of America
Meridian Audio
Musical Surroundings
Music Direct
Music Hall
Musik Matters
Omaha Audio, Inc.
Omega Loudspeakers
Oracle Audio Technologies
Outlaw Audio
Panthos Acoustics
Pierre Gabriel
Rauna of Sweden
Red Wine Audio
Reference Recordings
Rives Audio
RPG, Inc.
Salagar Sonics, Inc.
Scaena Loudspeakers
Screen Research
Silent Running Audio
Silicon Arts Design & Concert Fidelity, Inc.
Silver Circle Audio
Silverline Audio Technology, Inc.
Silversmith Audio
Simaudio Ltd.
Sound by Singer
Soundmatters International
The Soundsmith Corporation
Sunny Cable Technology
Tact Audio
TAD Home Audio/Pioneer Electronics
Tempo Sales & Marketing
Totem Acoustic
Twisted Pair Designs, Inc.
VAC Value Amplification Company
VAS Industries
Verity Audio
VPI Industries, Inc.
Zu Cable & Loudspeakers
Zvox Audio

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D-Tools System Integration Software

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