Expand your Switching Power with TV One's New CORIO2 S2 Series

TV One is releasing its new S2 Input Expansion Switchers that ensure the user has a custom-tailored system that uses the award-winning CORIO2 technology.

MARGATE, Kent, 14th March 2007 - -The new range of Input Expansion Switchers are designed to work in conjunction with any C2 -1000, C2 -2000 and C2 -7000 series Video Scaler/Seamless Switcher to provide additional inputs of a wide variety of signal types from standard video to PC, DVI and HD -SDI. The new series will be called S2 and consist of eight new units. Four of those the S2 -105PC, S2 -105PCA, S2 -106AD and S2 -105DVIA will be unveiled at NSCA in Orlando, Florida.

An S2 model can be connected to a C2 Scaler's rear panel via an interconnect cable and become fully integrated into the control system of the C2 Scaler, supplying up to ten additional inputs of Stereo Audio (balanced or unbalanced), Composite Video, S -Video, DVI, RGB / YPbPr / YUV and HD -SDI. The four units that will be at NSCA are:

- S2 -105PC which has 5 inputs of RGB/YPbPr/YUV via HD -15 and one output of RGB -YPbPr via HD -15
- S2 -105PCA which has 5 inputs of RGB/YPbPr/YUV via HD -15 with Stereo Audio and one output of RGB -YPbPr via HD -15
- S2 -106AD which is a Stereo Audio Switcher with Variable Delay and has six inputs and dual outputs
- S2 -105DVIA which has 5 DVI -I inputs with Stereo Audio and one DVI -I output

Users are not restricted to just one Input Expansion Switcher; multiple S2 models may be interfaced to a single C2 Scaler, providing additional inputs for each input type available on the Scaler. When multiple S2 models are used, the Windows Control Panel recognizes the C2 Scaler and all the connected Input Expansion Switchers as a single Multi -format Seamless Switcher.

This fully customizable approach enables the user to choose an appropriate C2 Scaler and corresponding S2 Input Expansion Switchers to tailor the system to meet their individual requirement. S2 -Series models are available with or without Stereo Audio and there is also an additional Stereo Audio (with delay) model within this product range.

As well as providing additional inputs to the C2 series of Video Scalers/Seamless Switchers, these high -performance units can also operate as stand alone video and audio switchers. Input selection is by front panel push buttons, IR remote control or via RS -232 and because these desktop units are also available with single or dual rackmount options, these versatile products can fit into any space.

Because the S2 -Series is firmware based like all CORIO2 products, new firmware can be uploaded quickly and easily at no extra cost to the user. This means that a model which is several years old can be upgraded to the same advanced level as a brand new version of that same model.

These and other TV One products will be seen on demonstration and display at the NCSA Exhibition being held in Orlando, Florida on March 15th - 17th, Stand 1471.

The entire TV One product line can also be viewed on their website www.tvone.co.uk, alternatively you can contact their European Sales and Technical Department on +44 (0) 1843 873311 or at sales.europe@tvone.com.

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