Channel Vision Ships New Line of MPEG4 Network Digital Video Recorders

Channel Vision makes its new line of MPEG4 Network DVRs available with 4, 8 or 16-camera inputs. The addition of DVRs to its line of CCTV solutions expands its security offerings for both residential and commercial markets.

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Channel Vision Ships New Line of MPEG4 Network Digital Video Recorders

DVR Systems Expand Company's Residential and Commercial Surveillance Offerings

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 26, 2006 - Channel Vision, a
leading provider of innovative solutions for the Well Connected Home, today announced the availability of its
new line of MPEG4 Network Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). The line contains three MPEG4 -based models, DVR -4N, DVR -8N and DVR -16N, with 4 -, 8 - or 16 -camera input connections respectively. The addition of DVRs to its line of CCTV solutions further expands Channel Vision's security offerings for both the residential and commercial markets.

The MPEG4 Network DVRs offer a hearty storage capacity of up to 4 -500GB IDE Hard Disk Drives for a total storage capacity of 2TB. Back up options include a built -in CD -RW burner and 1 -USB 2.0 drive on the front of the device.
Optional hard drives are available and sold separately allowing integrators to select the drive capacity that best suits their customer's needs. Channel Vision offers four different capacities: 80GB, 200GB, 320GB and 500GB hard drives and will customize the installation based on the customer's requested hard drive configuration. Recording times and disk drive capacity can vary based on video signal, display format and video quality settings.

Offering a broad range of high performance features, the Network DVRs support Advanced MPEG4 hardware compression and video signal standards NTSC and PAL with up to 720 x 480 lines of resolution on the NTSC format. They also offer looping video outputs for each camera input, which allows each camera to be connected to a video monitor or video distribution system. The DVRs include BNC video input connections for analog cameras, four video outputs including 1 -BNC, 1 -VGA and 1 -S -Video for main output and 1 -BNC spot output connection.

Each DVR can be set to record audio in real -time on any of the four audio channels with up to four external microphones connected to the DVR through the 4 -RCA inputs. From the DVRs single line level audio output, audio can be run to a video monitor, TV or other system designed to accept audio.

The DVR supports three different video recording modes including Manual, Scheduled, or Event recording triggers. The DVR can be programmed to begin recording upon specific events including Motion Detection, Video Loss or via Sensor. Recording quality can be set at Low, Fine and Superfine with varying frame and resolution rates based on whether the NTSC or PAL standards are utilized.
It offers a variety of camera viewing options on the display including Full, Multi - or Auto -Sequence screen views as well as remote control of the PTZ cameras and 2x/4x Digital Zoom over the network. Users can run multiple operations simultaneously such as view live or recording cameras while running playback and/or back up on the network or copying to the CD or USB drives.

Homeowners and network administrators can utilize the DVRs flexible monitoring options via the Internet, over an existing network or through a monitor or TV connected directly to the unit. A maximum of 16 simultaneous network users can be logged into the DVRs at a given time either through the local network or via remote access. Network connections include 1 -10/100BaseTX Ethernet port or 2 -USB 2.0 connectors.
Pricing & Availability

Channel Vision's complete DVR line is now available through the company's worldwide distribution network of custom retailers, integrators, dealers and distributors.

DVR Pricing:
DVR -4N $1298 MSRP
DVR -8N $1590 MSRP
DVR -16N $1974 MSRP

Hard Disc Drive Pricing:
DVR -HD080 $144 MSRP
DVR -HD200 $300 MSRP
DVR -HD320 $450 MSRP
DVR -HD500 $570 MSRP

About Channel Vision Technology
Ranked among the Top Structure Wire* providers in the industry, Channel Vision is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products for the Well Connected Home.™ The Company's broad -range of solutions are designed to provide lifestyle enhancements for residents, while equipping homes for greater safety, convenience and entertainment. Channel Vision is proud to provide high quality, dependable products that are backed by its 5 Star Program, one of the finest customer service programs in the industry. The program includes: Free Panel Design & Layout; Customized Manufacturing; Free CEDIA, BICSI and NBFFA Approved Training Classes, 2/10/20 Warranties and 24/7/365 Technical Support. For more information on Channel Vision's family of products, call 800.840.0288 or visit
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