FogScreen™ projection screen captivates in the Fashion industry

Helsinki 27.2.2007 - Victoria\'s Secret launches "Secret Embrace" with a special PR event @ Herald Square on February 28, combining FogScreen technology with the world's sexiest women on earth.

Victoria´s Secret combines world´s sexiest women with FogScreen projection screen

Helsinki 27.2.2007 - Victoria's Secret launches "Secret Embrace" with a special PR event @ Herald Square on February 28, combining FogScreen technology with the world's sexiest women on earth. The revolutionary Secret Embrace one piece technology bra - now in 76 styles, colors, and fabrics - can be seen @ Herald Square and stores across America beginning from February 27.

FogScreen projection screen produces a thin curtain of "dry" fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. FogScreen projection screen uses ordinary tap water and does not contain any chemicals, thus earning the distinction of being "the audiovisual innovation of the decade".

Georg Jensen fascinated together with FogScreen projection screen during New York Fashion Week

During the New York fashion Week FogScreen projection screen created magical effects which complement fashion professional's desire to be excited by a fashion brand. Georg Jensen organised a launch of their new diamond jewellery collection where they used FogScreen projection screen which works much like an ordinary projection screen - but still has Magic features (please see attached picture).

In the Secret Embrace launch guests - and supermodels - walk through a wall created with FogScreen projection screen. "Victoria´s Secret is able to create a stunning display that is so captivating and attractive that it cannot help but to grab people's attention", comments Mika Koivula, CEO of FogScreen, Inc. "This year we have launched FogScreen projection screen into the fashion industry and already work with fantastic brands like Victoria's Secret and Georg Jensen. It has been proven that the FogScreen projection screen is truly a captivating effect for the fashion industry", Koivula continues.

For more information about FogScreen company and products, please contact:

Mika Koivula, CEO, FogScreen Inc.,, tel. +358 50 3888 700
Niina Metsälä, Head of PR, FogScreen Inc.,, tel. +358 45 138 1110

FogScreen Inc. is an innovation technology company founded in 2003. The Company bases its business on patented FogScreen™ projection screen, which is an invention making images appear and move in thin air. FogScreen walk -through screen is available at a screen area of 2 m x 1,5 m and as modular FogScreen One, 1m x 1,5 m. The concept of One is that the screen can be used as it is or several One can be linked seamlessly together. Please find more information at

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