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November 02, 2006, New Milford, CT - Park Glen, LLC has won the Connecticut Home Builders Association 2006 Award for Best Home Technology Package. Park Glen, LLC is the development firm bringing to market The Park Glen Residences, an Active Adult Community of 17 luxury condominium homes in New Milford, part of Litchfield County, CT.

Park Glen, LLC won for its various clever, simplified and user -friendly home control and management solutions. This offering is unique in Connecticut, particularly in the under $1 -2 million price range. These "solutions" were designed to address the rising needs of numerous home buyers. Many are experiencing various trends in the present real estate industry.
Here are some of these trends:

As baby -boomers (the largest generation of Americans, between the ages of [46 and 66] are approaching retirement, they are in large numbers simplifying their lifestyle by selling off more traditional primary residences in favor of homes or condominiums requiring less effort to maintain and operate.
Surprisingly, trends show that as these baby -boomers are going through this process, which has been called, perhaps inappropriately, "down -sizing," they have actually bought larger units than in years previous. Baby -boomers lead all buyers in the purchase of new homes, and The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reports that the average new home size is growing. In 2005, it increased to 2,433 square feet on average, up from 2,349 in 2004, and up from 2,095 in 1995.
Although fuel prices have dropped significantly in the last few months, they have noticeably increased when viewed over a number of years. In fact, fuel costs were 13.6 percent higher in 2005 than in the previous year, again according to NAHB. Consumers are concerned about their long term ability to manage their home energy costs, therefore, (especially in a larger home), energy saving solutions are in demand
Finally, baby -boomers prefer homes with more amenities, and they want ever more conveniences. As occupants are increasing in age, they are less interested in traveling from room to room throughout a larger home (and sometimes less able) to shut off lights, adjust heating or air conditioning controls from afar, or to adjust security alarms or music, radio, television, or other media.

The Circuit Wizard solutions utilizes state of the art user -friendly technology to facilitate all of these needs and enable control of a number of core home management functions from a touch -screen device. . "Typically, we only see this kind of system in custom homes priced well into the millions. This level of convenience and peace of mind, from a system priced between ten to fifteen thousand dollars, is going to be significant to active adult consumers." Jane O'Connor, of [Modern Maturity] agrees, "We see more and more of our constituents looking for simplicity and convenience in their homes, yet this is a huge area that has really not been addressed. I think Park Glen has set themselves apart from so many other developments with this solution."

This Circuit Wizard solution combines four important functions as part of the basic package, with other functions available as upgrades. The system's core functions are Climate, Lighting, Security, and various media and other functions as well. All of these are controlled by a touch -pad device. This device can be a screen installed in a central location within the home, or a screen on a remote device such as a personal computer. The functions include the following:

Climate: Simplifies the management and control of the home's climate system with an easy -to -use connection to all thermostats and zones. This capability allows access whether the user is home or away. Benefits include: the convenience of a single control point; pre -set scheduling of conditions such as: home, away, night, day, and vacation periods. Also, by utilizing various conservation modes, a user can achieve more comfort and peace of mind by more precisely setting and managing temperature preferences.
Lighting: Centralized management of lights plus simple time - or mood -based scheduling. Benefits include ease of use by controlling all lights from one location; added safety by using scheduling to light outdoor paths or to simulate in home use when away; energy savings by having lights automatically adjust to sunrise, sunset, daylight savings, or desired mood settings. Lights can still be controlled from within each room as well.
Security: Pre -wiring, management, and video monitoring (one camera) of the premises, plus connection to customer's choice of home security vendor. Benefits include peace of mind from knowing all entrances and windows are secured, and from being able to see approaching guests or service providers.
Media Prep: Pre -wiring during the construction phase to provide the ability to generate and control music (via CDs, AM, FM, or Satellite), or television throughout the home from one location. Also includes pre -installation of 9 speaker grills (placeholders) in five different room locations. Benefits include considerable cost savings over wiring the house after construction; ease of use from management of media from one location; flexibility by enabling different media options in different rooms, plus the ability, as with lighting, to override the system if desired within each room; mood settings to coincide with events such as morning wakeup, background, entertaining, or even romance.
Touch -Screen Messaging and Control Panel: All functions integrated within one central device or designated remote PC.

In addition to the basic functions outlined above, the [home technology solution] includes installation and programming, plus three months of post -installation monitoring and support. It also has the ability to be easily upgraded as needs change or grow over time. Other options that can be added to the basic system include the following:

Home Media Package: Final installation of speakers (in place of speaker grills pre -wired as part of Media Prep function), and installation of chosen music package(s) such as stereo CD player, satellite radio, AM and FM radio, or iPod players.
Home Networking: Wireless or Ethernet Internet service
Home Theatre: Television and home stereo installation.
Pool /Spa Control
Irrigation Control
The Park Glen Home Wizard solution was inspired in name, in design, and is being implemented by Circuit Wizard, LLC of Warren, CT. An important business partner assisting Park Glen, Circuit Wizard, LLC specializes in the design and implementation of home control systems throughout Connecticut. Owner and technology guru Ed Hennessey offers: "Usually, customers for this type of system are spending at least double what the cost is at Park Glen. What we've done here is unique, in that we've pre -packaged the most essential functions and elements, and we're pre -installing this solution in multiple homes which saves dramatically on installation and after -market costs. We've given new owners a great, reasonably priced system, with the ability to easily upgrade as their needs or preferences change." John O'Bine, of Park Glen, LLC, accepted the award at the Home Builders Association of Connecticut annual awards dinner on October 18. He adds, "This is really just part of creating a lifestyle that our customers won't find anywhere else. We know some people have an aversion to learning new technology, which is why we've taken the complexity out of it. With one touch of their finger, they can tell the system they're home, they want the heat turned up a bit, they want the lights dimmed, and they want Barry White to start playing in the Master Bedroom suite. If someday it lights the candles and fills up the hot tub, I'll be really impressed. But for now, we think it's pretty neat."

For additional information on The Residences at Park Glen, or the Circuit Wizard Solutions, please refer questions to the contacts shown on the first page.

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About The Residences at Park Glen

The Residences at Park Glen is a 17 -home luxury active adult community in New Milford, CT, which is located 90 minutes north of New York City. Boasting one of the most beautiful settings in one of the most beautiful counties in America, Park Glen was designed by two award -winning professionals, landscape architect Dirk Sabin and architect Milton Grew. Homes are priced from the mid five hundred thousands for 2,700 square feet of space, plus an additional 1,900 square feet of Garden level space that can be finished by customers as needed, an option. Park Glen, LLC is the developer of the project. This firm is headed by its two partners, John O'Bine and John Delay. Combined, the partners offer more than 65 years of design, construction, and real estate experience.

The Residences at Park Glen are located on Harmony Trail, behind 315 Litchfield Road (Rt. 202) in New Milford, CT, two miles south of the Washington line. The homes are represented by William Raveis New Homes Division.

For more information about this award winning system call 203 -417 -1029

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