The newest addition to Vidikron's PlasmaView flat panel lineup, the VP-6500VHD plasma impresses with true 1080p HD performance and a 65-inch screen.

Union City, CA - Vidikron, the world leader in the design and manufacturing of home theater video display technologies, has introduced an all new large -screen, high definition 1080p plasma. Complementing the company's current lineup of 42, 50, and 60 -inch plasma monitors, the 65 -inch VP -6500VHD is the first in its series to provide true 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution. Boasting Vidikron's best picture quality and the company's largest plasma display to date, the VP -6500VHD is also the first plasma display to achieve THX® certification*, the industry's toughest standards for video quality and performance.

The VP -6500VHD takes 1080p image quality and widescreen viewing to a whole new level, incorporating the brightest picture, highest contrast ratio performance, and deepest black levels yet available. Engineered to achieve the image fidelity demanded by video aficionados, the new plasma's sophisticated 16 -bit digital video processing results in 4096 steps of graduation for seamless images and minimizes the "solarization" or "stair stepping" previously plaguing digital flat panels. In addition, Vidikron's exclusive IntelliWide™ mode and the separate VHD controller's Imagix™ video processing allows viewing of all 4:3 content in a 16:9 widescreen format, filling the entire 65 -inch screen without appreciable picture degradation.

Committed to providing incomparable video quality, Vidikron's VP -6500VHD delivers optimum viewing regardless of diverse lighting conditions or challenging installations. Vidikron's newest plasma upholds the highest video performance standards and is fully ISF™ (Imaging Science Foundation) certified. The VP -6500VHD includes an advanced outboard VHD Controller/Processor providing a pure digital signal path from input to output via HDMI connections. This also ensures greater installation flexibility and compatibility with other components. The VP -6500 is also compatible with all ATSC HD resolutions, including 1080p 24, 30 and 60 frame rates.

Vidikron's latest generation VP -6500VHD plasma not only represents a leap forward in high definition flat panel technologies, but the company's engineering advances ensure high definition enjoyment in virtually any installation, with operation life extending to as much as 60,000 hours.

For higher altitude viewing, Vidikron also offers the VP -6500VHDa edition featuring high altitude plasma performance to over 9000 feet above MSL. The edition shares all other features and specifications with the standard VP -6500VHD.

Grand in size and style, the VP -6500VHD comes finished in Vidikron's signature pewter, brushed anodized aluminum frame. An elegant anodized black plasma framing option is also available.

MSRP of Vidikron's VP -6500VHD is $19,995 and is now shipping.

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*THX certification is pending final testing and approval by THX, Ltd.

The highly respected Vidikron brand was established in 1980 in Milan, Italy, and was acquired by Runco International in 2002. Vidikron offers a comprehensive selection of high performance, cutting edge video products, distributed through a select network of authorized Vidikron dealers and custom installation professionals.

PlasmaView, IntelliWide, and Imagix are trademarks owned by Runco, LLC, licensed to Vidikron, a division of Runco International, Inc. ISF is a trademark of the Imaging Science Foundation.

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