Life|ware digital entertainment and home control software will be the electronics centerpiece for CBUSA's "Partners in Quality" program.

Columbus, OH - February 14, 2007 - Exceptional Innovation, producers of Life|ware™ digital entertainment and home automation solutions, announces an exclusive partnership with Custom Builders USA (CBUSA) that will make the solution available in packaged form for builders in 12 domestic markets. As a manufacturer, EI is part of CBUSA's "Partners in Quality" (PIQ) program, a professional organization dedicated to developing and maintaining powerful, local networks of professional builders, vendors and national manufacturers to achieve lower costs, higher levels of service and increased productivity.

The home automation industry is still in its infancy with less than 5% market penetration. While consumers have been slow to adopt because exorbitantly priced, proprietary solutions either didn't fit their income or didn't provide the desired features; Life|ware has created an affordable and scalable solution ideal for builders and custom installers. The Partners in Quality program will allow CBUSA members to sell good, better, best home control packages and correspond directly with Life|ware certified dealers who will handle the install and lend technical expertise.
"Life|ware makes home automation easily understandable. And the simpler it is to understand, both in terms of how much money a builder can make and what it takes to make it work, the easier it is to increase the success of introducing technology into the home," stated CBUSA's Chief Operating Officer, Lee Odess. "Matching the installer base with packages they can easily sell through to builders also increases the long -term growth potential and overall success of this category."
Exceptional Innovation's Vice President of Sales, Steve Cashman said, "We are taking an out -of -the -box approach to bringing custom home builders and home technology integration together naturally in the building process. It should be both easy and profitable for builders to specify technology into their homes and have qualified installation companies complete the experience. Our relationship with CBUSA now allows builders nationwide to bundle Life|ware packages into the homes they are building so homebuyers have access to state of the art home entertainment and automation systems at competitive prices."
CBUSA works with local and national suppliers to deliver consistently competitive pricing, facilitate product support and training, maintain a website and offer a centralized database containing vendor contracts, "best demonstrated practices" and a national/local marketing portal. CBUSA represents 350 independent builders in 12 markets covering over $2 billion in revenue and 4000 housing starts.
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About Exceptional Innovation
Based in the Westerville suburb of Columbus, Ohio, Exceptional Innovation produces Life|ware™ home control software and hardware for digital living. Life|ware creates a lifestyle experience that allows consumers to enjoy their digital entertainment, wherever and whenever they want, as well as manage their lighting, HVAC, security, appliances and other subsystems, such as distributed audio systems, through a single interface by integrating the digital entertainment functionality of Media Center with whole -house automation and control. Led by software industry professionals with extensive experience with distributed computing based on open standards and open architecture, Exceptional Innovation combines Microsoft development expertise with years of home control experience to deliver simple, seamless, life -enhancing solutions for the digital home.

CB -USA mission
CB -USA is a management company that develops and maintains powerful, local networks of professional builders, vendors and national manufacturers to achieve lower costs, higher levels of service and increased productivity.

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