AV + S -Video to HDMI Converter ( Scaler )

Well, here is another addition to the Atlona world of home entertainment - an analog audio/video to HDMI converter with video scaler built in.

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Atlona Audio/Composite Video/S -Video to HDMI Scaler/Converter. Model# AT -AVS -HDMI.

Well, here is another addition to the Atlona world of home entertainment - an analog audio/video to digital audio/video converter with video scaler built in. Let's face it, some of us have been searching for a unit with a similar functionality for a little while now. Unfortunately the only equipment that we could come across were professional video scalers, for which you had to dish out a few thousand dollars. Yes, that kind of product is worth every penny, but not every one needs that kind of equipment. And those of us that did not need that kind of equipment, began to ask for alternatives from manufacturers.
Let us to be the first ones to introduce this kind of product. This audio/video converter has many advantages; one of the biggest advantages is of course its function - to convert regular analog video, which is transmitted via Composite or S -Video connection, into HDMI with no degradation. Audio signal is being implemented in to the hdmi as well, so you would only have one output connection to the TV ( which supports both audio and video ).
Another advantage is an ability to act as a video scaler. This feature allows you to select the resolution that you would be sending to your television. As an example your VCR sends 480 lines of interlaced resolution. No matter how good the signal strength is, 480 lines will never look as good as processed 720 or 1080 lines. While the picture quality will not be HD (because originally it was a very low resolution), the scaler is still going to enhance the image and scale up the image quality.
Acting as NTSC to PAL converter is another plus. This converter can take a standard resolution NTSC signal and convert it into a standard resolution Pal signal on HDMI. In order for it to convert into a High Definition Pal, you have to add a multisystem video converter in front of it.
In the end, we have a piece of equipment with the same capabilities as a more expensive product, just with less audio/video inputs.
Product link:
http://www.lenexpo -electronics.com/ATLONA -VIDEO -S -VIDEO -ANALOG -AUDIO -TO -HDMI -CONVERTER -SCALER -p -16821.html

Atlona Technologies is a subdivision of Lenexpo Electronics, created as one of our own cable and equipment brand names. Every cable and a piece of equipment manufactured under this brand name meets or exceeds the standards set by US, Canadian and European Governments.
All of our equipment and cables are built under the following standards and certifications(if applicable): HDMI, DDWG Rev1.0, CE, UL, C -UL, ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. We are working with large companies like HP, Comcast, SBC, Delta etc
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