VizionWare Introduces 15 -Meter Hi -Wirez Cable

Longer Revolutionary Active HDMI Cables Allow for Easier Installation and Improved Picture Quality

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Ben Jamison
(512) 493 -9660

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Veronica Esbona
(954) 925 -1511

AUSTIN, TX - January 31, 2007 - VizionWare, a new Texas -based audio and video digital interconnect manufacturer, announced today the introduction of a 15 -meter size of its latest Hi -Wirez™ advanced digital interconnects. Hi -Wirez™ applies a radically different approach to video cabling that combines several revolutionary active digital technologies such as Image Enhancement, Signal Balancing, Digital Signal Processing, Enhanced Transmission Technology and VizionWare's unique Optimal Spectral Diffusion™ embedded into silicon chips that are designed to provide unparalleled video performance. By embedding these chips into both the transmit and receive ends of the interconnect, Hi -Wirez interconnects provide a completely protected end -to -end link between the source and the display device.

"Whether you're running a 1 -meter or up to a 15 -meter cable, Hi -Wirez provides the highest quality audio and video resolution," said Ben Jamison, vice president of sales and marketing for VizionWare. "The product's physical attributes, such as reduced cable thickness and weight, in addition to greater flexibility makes it easier to route during the installation process and is less prone to connection failures. End users can now enjoy theater quality video and audio performance at the same or less installation cost and with better reliability and more consistent performance."

Hi -Wirez HDMI cables, which also come in 10, 7, 5, 2 and 1 are lighter and less bulky making them easier to install in today's complex installation environments. Their ability to dramatically reduce EMI emissions and to resist interference generated by external sources provides greater flexibility and increased reliability in wiring runs.
Hi -Wirez™ digital interconnects do not require intermediate signal boosters like many of today's competitive cable products, eliminating the need for installers to plan for and install these sometimes costly and marginally effective accessories into the cable path between the source and the receiver or display. Hi -Wirez™ advanced digital interconnects deliver the best performance available, minimizing service calls and resulting in repeat and referral business for the dealer.

A Quick Overview of Hi -Wirez™ Technology and Benefits:
•VizionWare introduces new 15 -meter Hi -Wirez cable length.
•Hi -Wirez is lighter and less bulky making it easier to handle and install.
•Hi -Wirez does not degrade the signal regardless of their length and thus do not require signal repeaters or boosters.
•Hi -Wirez incorporates - embedded in the cables themselves - patent pending custom chip technology, which delivers theater quality images regardless of cable length.
•Hi -Wirez utilize sophisticated signal balancing circuit techniques which eliminate the "pixilation" and reach limitation of existing cable technology and provide unsurpassed viewing clarity.
•Hi -Wirez incorporates a digital signal processing technique added to the cable through an innovative manufacturing process resulting in a reduction of the detrimental impact of incoming signals on subsequent ones, providing for a richer viewing and listening experience - again, regardless of cable length.
•Hi -Wirez minimizes signal coupling into shielded structures and device impedance mismatches resulting in higher quality images delivered over longer distances at resolutions up to and including 1080p.

Talking Points
•VizionWare has created the industry's most advanced, active digital HDMI cables available, called Hi -Wirez.
•Hi -Wirez is now available in a 15 -meter configuration with 10, 7, 5, 2 and 1 -meter lengths also available.
•Hi -Wirez incorporates numerous proprietary technologies which afford a wide array of benefits.
•Hi -Wirez unequalled performance is not affected by cable length ("reach -independent").
•Hi -Wirez is lighter, thinner and more flexible than competing high -quality cables - easier installation.

About VizionWare
VizionWare has developed and applied a patented core silicon technology to create a complete family of next generation digital interconnect products. The company's award -winning digital technology delivers numerous unique technological advances - including image enhancing circuitry, signal balancing, enhanced transmission technology between the source and sink cable ends, Optimal Spectral Diffusion™, and pixel clock re -timing - leading to unprecedented improvements to HDMI and DVI digital interconnect cables and adapters. These key advances overcome the limitations of passive analog and pseudo -active cables, enhancing transmission between the source and sink cable ends and lowering EMI radiation and interference with other wired and wireless connections, while delivering theater quality signals to the display independent of cable length.

For more information about VizionWare and its innovative products, please visit or call 512 -493 -9660.

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