YCD to launch MuVi Wall™ - a video wall player for the in -store ambiance market in Hall 3 - B80.

This feature rich easy to use technology will allow brands to enhance in-store ambiance, brand and customer experience. Create a unique brand experience utilizing visual content with unparalleled flexibility and creativity.

MuVi Wall is a 'plug and play" system. It is a ready to use, robust machine backed by YCD's dedicated service and support programs. MuVi Wall is a multi faceted solution that can be used for video, advertising and audio purposes with additional customization tools including Flash animation overlays, RSS feeds, crawlers, etc… The MuVi Wall comes in 3 configurations to support 3,6, or 9 screens of any size. Screens can be mounted in different ways - vertically, horizontally, side by side - MuVi Wall provides freedom to design any video wall matrix combination.

Based on YCD's unparalleled MuVi™ technology, the MuVi Wall showcases a high end fully integrated audio -video player with synchronized support of up to 3 different simultaneous video playbacks including HD from a single PC. Accompanied by YCD's smart scheduler, MuVi Wall can be locally or remotely programmed to play desired content mix with dynamic changes in pre -configured display modes.

Customers looking for multi -site installations can leverage YCD's RadioPoint™, a centralized web based remote management and content delivery platform allowing complete command of designated MuVi Wall installations worldwide from any site.

MuVi Wall's unique price -performance and features set are incomparable in the industry and are certain to be a door opener to new business opportunities for A/V integrators.

Availability of YCD's MuVi Wall is immediate.

About YCD:

YCD provides in -store digital media solutions for business market segments that include retail, leisure and hospitality. YCD has developed the world's first fully synchronized audio and video software based -solution with end to end digital content management and delivery platform. All of our systems work off an open platform architecture allowing for enhanced content interchangeability.

YCD's client roster includes international leading brands such as IKEA, Sheraton Hotels, McDonald's, Giorgio Armani, Toyota and The Royal Bank of Scotland. With dozens of distributors and thousands of clients worldwide, the audio and video content of YCD's software reaches more than 20 million people per month.

Contact Information:
Maya Caspi
PO Box 357
Shefayim Commercial Center
Kibbutz Shefayim, Israel
972 9 957 0123

maya -c@ycd.net

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