Alcons pro -ribbon sound systems @ ISE 2007

Dutch manufacturer of pro-ribbon sound systems showcases wide range of cinema and A/V sound system products at the coming ISE show in Amsterdam.

Alcons @ Integrated Systems Europe 2007

Playing on "home -turf" Alcons Audio will be present at the ISE show in Amsterdam with a representation of her pro -ribbon speaker systems of both the general product line -up as well as the (home)cinema product line -up. Both offering unusual solutions in a wide variety of installs.

The CRMS, Cinema Ribbon Monitor System is a unique hybrid 3 -way main - /2 -way surround -system. Featuring a RBN401 pro -ribbon driver, the MHF section can act both as MHF section for the main/front system, as well as full -range surround system. This unique design results in a very uniform sound stage throughout the entire listening area. Applications include screening -rooms, post -production houses, dubbing -stages, as well as pro -level home -cinema systems.

The 3 -way CR1 sound system offers a wide frequency -response in an unusually -shallow cabinet depth of only 17cm. This design offers great advantages in space -saving requiring installs, yet the peak power handling doesn't compromise the system's output. Due to the small size and light weight , the CR1 can be flown, stacked or wall -mounted.

The modular QR -series can be seen as a hybrid -system, combining the coverage and throw of a line -array, with the simplicity of a single point -source system. The series has been designed as solution to obtain ultimate intelligibility in "acoustically challenging" environments. The scalable ribbon -arrays combine a very high directivity with totally controlled dispersion, in both vertical and horizontal plane.

To complement this series, the QB363 acts as a modular low -end extension of the QR -series pro -ribbon column arrays. Featuring a triple -12" array -configuration this bass system operates completely within the acoustic line -array parameters, resulting in perfect projection control. The modular principle enables vertical (or even horizontal) tight bass arrays up to or even beyond 10 meters.

Besides these highlights, also the very successful LR14 ultra -compact pro -ribbon line -array system will be present, which has seen some very high -profile installations in 2006, among which the very prestigious Staatsoper Stuttgart, Germany, as well as many theater and live -sound applications.

Also on show is the recently shipping SR9: An ultra -compact ribbon loudspeaker system, specifically designed for applications where ultimate fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and precise vertical coverage, such as low -profile stage -lip/front -fill, upper -/under -balcony or stair risers or walls.

Audibly, the ever -present VR8 speakers will as always speak for themselves on the Alcons booth, demonstrating the almost legendary becoming Alcons pro -ribbon sound.

For a glimpse of the future of professional sound reinforcement, visit booth T10.

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Alcons background information;
Alcons Audio is a Dutch company, active in development and manufacturing of professional sound systems for quality -conscious clients in the cinema, installation and touring industry.

Alcons sound systems excel in HiFi sound quality at concert sound pressure levels; Basis for this quality is Alcons' proprietary high -power ribbon technology.

All Alcons speakers and amplifiers/processor are developed and manufactured in house with traditional craftsmanship combined with the latest technologies, materials and production processes.

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