Streaming21 and Zentek Deploy Karaoke on Demand for M2B World

Co-developed KoD solution delivers Asia's most popular entertainment direct to the living room

Singapore - January 19, 2007 - Streaming21, the world leader in broadcast -quality streaming solutions, and Zentek Singapore, the world leader in digital communications, have announced that they have successfully delivered Asia's most popular entertainment, Karaoke on Demand (KoD), for M2B World.

M2B World is a global broadband media entertainment leader, providing over 100 channels of interactive Entertainment -on -Demand, Education -on -Demand and e -commerce. Available over broadband channels, Internet portals and 3G devices, M2B World's services are offered internationally, in countries such as the US, China, Japan and Singapore. Residential Karaoke on Demand will be added to its impressive entertainment on -demand lineup and launched in January, following an intensive Singapore marketing campaign. KoD is a key factor in the continued penetration of the rapidly expanding Chinese broadband entertainment market.

Unlike other commercial Karaoke on Demand deployments which rely on expensive managed networks, Streaming21 and Zentek's joint -developed KoD service offers full -screen TV playback with intelligent personalization and interactive features over open broadband networks. Subscribers can easily order songs, follow moving lyrics on TV screens, and enjoy singing with family and friends in the privacy and convenience of their own homes. Choice of high -quality karaoke videos ranges from the latest hits to classic songs.

Kazuo Yoshimura, Managing Director of Zentek Singapore said, "As the digital home entertainment market continues to accelerate, Karaoke on Demand will be a key competitive differentiator for M2B to motivate more subscribers and drive more revenues.ˇ¨
"Zentek believe the IPTV industries will be one of the main streams for many countries. We are confident that by integrating our expertise and worldwide sales channels plus Streaming21's proven track record of delivering IPTV solutions to broadband providers worldwide will create exciting future growth opportunities for both companies," Yoshimura -san added.

Dr. Joe Lin, President and CEO of Streaming21 said, ˇ§Streaming21's KoD solution creates new market opportunities with demonstrated growth potential, especially in Asia Pacific. We have built a reputation for providing carrier -grade IPTV solutions to numerous telcos in Asia and our award -winning solutions allow any Broadband ISPs, Mobile Carriers and xSP providers to quickly launch IPTV services with minimum capital investment. We are confident that KoD will be an exciting new service for consumers, and will generate new opportunities for innovation and growth in the IPTV industry.ˇ¨

The Karaoke on Demand solution is able to accommodate numerous karaoke titles with carrier -class stability. Intuitive EPG (electronic program guide), unique interactive features, convenient on -line payment and a powerful service management system offer immediate adoption of new home entertainment services. Additional interactivity features and services, such as online karaoke contests, on -line voting and more, are easily integrated into the iTV platform. Karaoke is an extremely popular form of entertainment in Asia. The joint efforts of Streaming21 and Zentek realize a dream of delivering Asia's most popular entertainment direct to the living room.
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Streaming21 is the world leader in providing interactive IPTV solutions over Fixed -Mobile -Convergence (FMC) and open networks. The solutions successfully enable fixed, mobile, or xSP operators to generate revenues from services delivered across heterogeneous networks. Streaming21ˇ¦s groundbreaking technologies enable digital video entertainment anytime, anywhere and on any device. Built upon a revolutionary and patented architecture, Streaming21ˇ¦s solutions enable the deployment of rich -media services with carrier -class scalability, 24/7 operations, and broadcast -quality delivery. The solutions use standard hardware to lower the total cost of ownership and can deliver content to more users concurrently with patented technologies. The platform is open and flexible to readily integrate value -added services. To learn more about Streaming21's solutions and industry leading partners, please call +886 -2 -2500 -0680 or visit
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M2B World is the leading site of Amaru, Inc. (AMRU), a Nevada corporation. The company through its subsidiaries under the M2B brand is a leader in the Broadband Media Entertainment business, and a major provider of interactive Entertainment -on -demand, Education -on -demand and ecommerce streaming over Broadband channels, Internet portals, and 3G devices. To date, the Company has launched multiple Broadband TV websites for Hollywood and Asian entertainment, education and online shopping, with over 100 channels designed to cater to various consumer segments and lifestyles. Its content covers diverse genres such as movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, fashion, lifestyle, edutainment, and more. The M2B brand has established its competitive edge by offering access to an expansive range of content libraries for aggregation, distribution and syndication on Broadband and other media; including rights for merchandising, product branding, promotion and publicity. M2B offers consumers personalized entertainment through its wide range of broadband streaming channels accessed from
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Zentek Group, a Digital Video Broadcasting (ˇ§DVBˇ¨) project member, develops and licenses software such as middleware libraries and authoring tools for the Digital TV and provides hardware solution and engineering services for Digital TV, mobile digital devices and network products for the world wide basis. Zentek also provides an integrated DVB -MHP content development solution at its Interactive Television Content Creation Centre in Singapore. Through Zentekˇ¦s joint venture with Koreaˇ¦s leading IP set -top box manufacturer, Celrun Co., Ltd, Zentek provides IP set -top box and VOD (Video On Demand) solutions that display high quality multimedia rich content in Japan and Asia. Zentek Technology Group was established in 1997 in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Zentek Technology Japan, Inc., the Group Headquarter, is listed on Hercules ˇV Nippon New Market Exchange in Japan. Zentek Technology Groupˇ¦s worldwide offices are located in Japan, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. More information about Zentek Technology Group can be found at, and

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