First Plug & Play Router for Dual Mobile/WiFi Phones - - -New from Actiontec

Actiontec Announces Wireless FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) Router--Will Support All Major Cellular Carriers; Aids Call Transfers Between Cellular & Home WiFi Networks

Actiontec Electronics today announced a wireless home router designed to support the new combo mobile/WiFi phones that provide cellular and VoIP coverage with a single handset and phone number. The Actiontec Wireless FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) Router facilitates call switching between the mobile and home WiFi networks as users move in and out of the house, leveraging the ability of dual mode phones to deliver cellular coverage on the road, less expensive Internet -based calls at home, and a WiFi -based connection for phone use in homes with weak cellular signals.

Offering support for service from all major carriers as well as first -in -class plug -and -play setup, the new Actiontec device combines an 802.11n access point and four -port Ethernet router with software that acts as a middleman between the broadband and cellular networks. At home, the unit automatically establishes a WiFi network connection for any incoming or outgoing call. If the user enters or leaves the home while on the phone, the router connects or disconnects from the WiFi conversation as needed, routes the call to the mobile network if appropriate, and allows the phone to make the switch without disconnecting the call.

When attached to another router, access point or Cable/DSL modem, the Actiontec product automatically detects the other device and extracts the necessary settings for pain -free installation. If it is connected to another router, for example, it turns itself into a switch. If it is connected to a DSL modem, it automatically populates itself with the settings and passwords originally used for modem setup. If it is attached to another wireless router, it configures itself with a unique SSID (Service Set Identifier) and will channel hop to avoid signal interference.

Alternatively, the Actiontec device can replace an existing router as a standalone broadband connectivity solution with built -in support for hybrid phone operation. It also significantly enhances the quadruple play offering of major mobile and broadband service providers.

The unit can support multiple home users with different phones from the same service provider.
Security features include a robust firewall; 64/128 -bit WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption; and the ability to establish different virtual WiFi networks for each phone, laptop or other device to protect against eavesdroppers.

The Actiontec Wireless FMC Router will be available in the second quarter at and through mass market retailers for an MSRP of $179.99. Minimum system requirements include a hybrid mobile/WiFi phone (with UMA if seamless handoff between networks is desired); a home broadband connection; a PC or Macintosh running Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, Mac OS 9 or higher, Linux/BSD or Unix; and Internet Explorer 5.0+ or Netscape 7.0+.

About Actiontec Electronics, Inc
Actiontec Electronics develops products and services enabling consumers to leverage broadband Internet connectivity to simplify and enrich their lives. Actiontec's products include the market's broadest selection of IPTV -capable broadband gateways as well as broadband modems, routers, wireless networking devices, VoIP adapters, and digital entertainment devices, sold through retail channels and broadband service providers; and the VoSKY family of Skype -certified products that allow consumers to make Internet calls anywhere and anytime, sold through reseller, online and retail channels. Founded in 1993, Actiontec is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains branch offices in Austin, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO; Basingstoke, United Kingdom; Bogota, Colombia; Shanghai, China; and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, call 408 -752 -7700 or visit

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