D2Audio's Intelligent Digital Amplifiers Featured in the New AMD LIVE!™ Home Cinema

D2Audio PC-compatible audio amplifier technology is a key component in AMD's new class of convergence-oriented entertainment platforms

Las Vegas, NV. - January 11, 2007 - - D2Audio®, developer of the world's only Intelligent Digital AmplifiersTM, powers the new AMD LIVE!™ Home Cinema all -in -one entertainment system. AMD (NYSE: AMD) selected D2Audio's Digital Audio Engine™ DAE -1 IC for its integrated features, sophisticated intelligence and stunning Home Theater audio performance.

There were three essential drivers in AMD's selection process: 1.) The superior sound quality of the D2Audio amplifier, which is the first digital amplifier to meet THX Ultra 2 performance standards; 2.) D2Audio's capability to integrate efficient, high -power audio amplifiers into the system without affecting normal CPU operation; and 3.) D2Audio's dynamic thermal management assures cool operation in even the harshest of environments.

"We are extremely impressed with AMD's creative mainstream approach to this new class of all -in -one digital media devices," said Brian Wong, chief executive officer and president, D2Audio. "AMD's well -engineered platforms are complemented by D2Audio's intelligent amplifier IC controllers, which support several sophisticated and scalable system -level solutions. The real winners are the consumers, who receive an Internet -ready digital home theater system that is sleek and easy to use with superior sound quality."

D2Audio developed a range of fully compatible amplifiers and platforms for this market, including 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channel amplifier configurations, as well as upcoming fully -integrated motherboard solutions.

"D2Audio's high -power, integrated audio amplifier technology is a key element enabling the immersive entertainment experience provided by the AMD LIVE! Home Cinema," said Joe Menard, corporate vice president of AMD's Consumer Business. "We anticipate that the cooperation between AMD and D2Audio will help our OEM customers to better serve the needs of consumers seeking the ultimate in surround sound audio quality."

D2Audio's integration of the DSP and PWM controller allows the amplifier to deliver a more sophisticated solution, which performs extensive software correction, optimization and monitoring functions. This solution was engineered to address power supply interaction and thermal management, while maintaining outstanding sound quality.

"The close coupling of the DSP with the PWM controllers provides D2Audio unparalleled flexibility in dealing with the many issues present in an all -in -one CPU -based system," said Dr. Skip Taylor, chief technology officer of D2Audio. "The demands of a consumer digital media platform require a high level of real -time control, monitoring and correction. I applaud AMD's deep understanding of these matters and their importance in developing a robust system solution."

D2Audio's product range includes highly advanced designs incorporating the world's only all -digital feedback to achieve the highest levels of audio performance. As a recognized audio leader with an extensive IP portfolio, D2Audio continues to push into new markets.

About D2Audio Corporation
The D2Audio Corporation, maker of the world's only Intelligent Digital Amplifiers, supplies a full line of cost -efficient, powerful, multi -channel platforms. These systems include ICs and firmware with market leading performance and superior sound quality for digital media applications in consumer, professional, and automotive industries. The patented D2Audio Intelligent Digital Amplifier technologies, now with D2Audio SoundSuite™ , deliver an immersive audio experience with the D2Audio® Digital Audio Engine™ (DAE) IC platforms. For more information on D2Audio and its products, please visit www.d2audio.com.

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