BiTMICRO Networks Partners with ChipX on Development of Next Generation Storage ASICs

BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. today announced at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada its partnership with ChipX, a pioneer and leader in the development of Structured ASIC products and technology.

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, NV - January 8, 2007 - BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., maker of intelligent flash IDE/ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel and SATA solid state disk storage solutions, today announced at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada its partnership with ChipX, a pioneer and leader in the development of Structured ASIC products and technology.

Under this alliance, BiTMICRO will utilize various ChipX Structured ASIC devices in the development of proprietary storage controller ICs such as the Enhanced Datamover and Storage Accelerator (EDSA™) direct memory controller and the Logical Unifier of Extensive Transfer Arrays (LUNETA™) memory flash interface. By providing the best path to production volume, ChipX Structured ASICs will allow BiTMICRO Networks to reach the market with rugged, low -power and high -performance storage devices at the shortest possible time.

"ChipX Structured ASICs have served me well in the past and these new devices are continuing that experience. ChipX provides engineering support at a real time pace that is essential as requirements evolve. As often happens, midway through a project, the design grows with new features. Thanks to the full range of slice options offered by ChipX, we are able to move up to the next larger slice with minimal cost impact," says Rey Bruce, BiTMICRO CEO. "Their technical capabilities are also key. Our products have aggressive requirements that only ChipX was able to meet in volume production," Bruce further explains.

'We are pleased to work with BiTMICRO in the development of their next generation ASICs', said Elie Massabki, Vice President of Marketing for ChipX. 'ChipX Structured ASICs are rigorously tested to perform well in the harsh environments that BiTMICRO's storage devices serve. The rugged reliability BiTMICRO offers is demanded by many mission -critical applications in the industrial, embedded, computer, communication, medical, military, and aerospace industries.'

Visit BiTMICRO Networks at Booth 72232, Innovations Plus Pavilion of the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association, the International CES is the world's largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology and America's largest annual tradeshow of any kind.

About EDSA™ and LUNETA™

The Enhanced Datamover and Storage Accelerator (EDSA™) direct memory controller is a proprietary controller that succeeds the highly successful disk controller chipset of BiTMICRO's electronic disk technology. The EDSA™ supports large block NAND flash as well as single, dual, quad -die flash devices, allowing BiTMICRO to hike E -Disk solid state disk capacities to terabytes of pure flash memory.

EDSA™ goes hand in hand with the Logical Unifier of Extensive Transfer Arrays (LUNETA™), BiTMICRO's proprietary flash memory management interface controller that is designed to orchestrate massively parallel and multi -block I/O operations on large arrays of flash devices. LUNETA™ supports both NAND (SLC or MLC) and AND types of flash memory and is typically used in designs to complement the EDSA™ in applications that require scalability and management of larger amounts of flash devices.

About BiTMICRO Networks

BiTMICRO® Networks ( is the leading provider of high performance solid state disk and semiconductor solutions. The Company's flagship product, the E -Disk® SSD, is offered with SATA, SCSI Narrow and Wide, IDE/ATA and Fibre Channel interfaces in 2.5 -inch and 3.5 -inch hard disk drive footprints, and 19 -inch rack mount configurations scalable up to several terabytes of pure solid state storage.

E -Disk®, BiTMICRO®, EDSA™ and LUNETA™ are registered trademarks and trademarks of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. High -resolution photo images of BiTMICRO's product line are available at

About ChipX

ChipX, Inc., is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of late -stage programmable application -specific integrated circuits, or Structured ASICs. The company's innovative, patented technology consolidates wafer production tooling, reduces time -to -market and minimizes the total cost to profit. ChipX Structured ASIC technology is widely used in consumer equipment, computing peripherals, communication systems, industrial control, medical equipment, instrumentation and military/aerospace systems. For more information about ChipX families of Structured ASICs, please visit

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, ChipX is a privately held corporation, founded in the U.S. in 1989. A subsidiary, ChipX (Israel) Ltd., performs Research & Development. Investors include Elron Electronic Industries, Ltd. (NASDQ: ELRN), Ltd., VantagePoint Venture Partners, Wasserstein Venture Capital, Newlight Associates, Parker Price Venture Capital, UMC, Needham Capital Partners and Insite Capital.

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Elise Wallworth
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408 -235 -7433

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Matthew Quint
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650 -599 -9450

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Nick Foot
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