Gefen Delivers Three New Matrix Switchers for Plug and Play High Definition Video Integration

Users Connect Four DVI Sources to Four DVI Displays with 24/7 Access to Each

Las Vegas, NV - Building on the success of its 4x4 line of matrix switchers, Gefen brings three reengineered models to CES. Each offers a simple method of connecting four sources to four displays with access controlled by IR remote. The ability to integrate multiple sources and displays without complex networking or hardware makes them ideally suited for consumer and prosumer applications.

Support for high definition video's popular interfaces, protected content compliance and the ability to switch keyboard and mouse control for digital computer systems is differentiates each matrix.

4x4 DVI KVM Matrix
This matrix is designed for digital computer systems using high definition DVI displays. It connects four computers to four displays and supplies a USB keyboard/mouse connector for each display. This allows the user to create four unique workstations with complete KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) access to any of the computers at any time. Computer access is controlled by IR remote with the switch taking place in mere seconds. Offering the ease of connectivity between computers located in a central location with distributed KVM functionality to four separate locations, the Gefen 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix is ideal for editing and distributing high definition video applications. MSRP $999.

4x4 DVI Matrix
The 4x4 DVI Matrix offers a simple, straightforward high definition digital video output to four separate locations, using four digital video sources. Reengineered in a smaller, rack mountable box, the Gefen 4x4 DVI Matrix provides an easy solution for integrating DVI sources and DVI displays with full high definition resolutions supported up to 1920x1200 for computer systems. MSRP $499.

4x4 HDTV Matrix
Full HDCP compliance on all four outputs makes the 4x4 HDTV Matrix ideal for home entertainment systems featuring satellite set top boxes, HD DVD players, game systems, etc. The rack mountable unit comes equipped with four DVI inputs and four DVI outputs, each delivering high definition resolutions up to 1080p. The 4x4 HDMI Matrix offers an effective means of integrating home entertainment sources and delivering them to various displays throughout the home. MSRP $1999.

Detailed information and demonstrations of all three matrix switchers will be presented throughout CES at Gefen's booth (22031).

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About Gefen:
Gefen leads the industry in just -in -time audio/video solutions for both professionals and consumers with an eye for superior quality and reliable performance. In the HD digital domain, Gefen delivers advanced technologies with multi -platform extension, switching, distribution and conversion capabilities. Gefen equipment is valued all over the world in professional AV/IT and consumer electronics/home theater environments. Their add -on hardware maximizes system functionality by enabling AV systems to operate beyond their original capabilities. A selection of high quality cabling is also available. Visit for detailed product information.

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