Sanus Systems Introduces Decorative Frames for Flat -Panel TVs

Decorative Frames bring art and technology together, providing quality frames for decorating flat-panel TVs. The new decorative frames fit 32', 42' and 50' flat-panel TVs and come in four colors.

Sanus Systems Introduces Line of

Decorative Frames for Flat -Panel TVs

Decorative Frames bring art and technology together,
providing quality frames for decorating flat -panel TVs.

(Saint Paul, MN) - Sanus Systems announces the addition of Decorative Frames for use with flat -panel TVs to its line of A/V accessories. The new decorative frames fit 32", 42" and 50" flat -panel TVs. These frames are designed to fit most flat panel TVs and displays, and provide that finishing touch when aesthetics are important. They fit perfectly over a TV's bezel, covering the front and sides of a flat -panel TV. With Sanus Systems' Flat -Panel Decorative Frames, TVs blend seamlessly into any room environment and décor.

Sanus Systems' Flat -Panel Decorative Frames are available in three sizes, fitting most 32", 42" and 50" flat -panel TVs, and come in four colors: black, gold, mahogany and silver. Each of the three size frames comes with an appropriately -sized optional Optical Mirror Kit, which allows the TV to perform as a mirror when the display is off. All frames include an easy -to -install Infrared Kit, allowing continued use of remote controls.

"Decorative Frames are the missing link needed for integrating flat -panel televisions into a room's décor," said Keith Pribyl, vice president of retail sales for Sanus Systems. "Our frames provide beauty and functionality in less space and at a fraction of the cost of custom cabinetry."

Sanus Systems designs and builds a broad variety of audio video furnishings, mounts and accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding audio/video enthusiast or interior designer. Every Sanus product is engineered to enhance both the A/V system and the surrounding décor. Today Sanus offers more than 300 products, including home theater units, TV stands, audio racks, wall mounts and speaker supports. Sanus products are available at thousands of retail locations nationwide; a store locator is available at

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