PS Audio unveils new high efficiency AC regenerators

PS Audio unveils a new line of the world's first high efficiency AC regenerators. To date, the best efficiency for an AC regenerator has been less than 50%, with the introduction of the Power Plant Premier, efficiencies of 85% have been achieved.

PS Audio Unveils Eagerly Awaited New Power Conditioning Line at CES 2007 - Venetian Hotel, Tower Suite #29 -139

A new statement about AC power regeneration and AC power conditioning from the company that pioneered the category.

Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 8 -11, 2007 - Ten years after introducing the legendary Power Plant P300 - the world's first high -end AC power regenerator - PS Audio unveils all -new solutions to the growing problem of corrupted AC power. At CES, in the Venetian Tower Suite #29 -139, CEO Paul McGowan and the PS Audio team will demonstrate the vital importance of their latest AC power technology - designed to overcome these critical issues.

PS Audio's Paul McGowan said, " Sadly, 95% of today's AC power is corrupted. Since what we see and hear will be that same corrupted power - modulated to produce all of the images and sounds we desire - it's vitally important to address the problem before modulating it."

Power Plant Premier
The new PS Audio Power Plant Premier replaces all of the previous Power Plant models. Until now, several PS Power Plant models were needed to accommodate different installation requirements. With the new Power Plant Premier, only one unit is needed for almost any installation.

The new Power Plant Premier eliminates the previous restrictions of power, heat, size and expense. The Premier regenerates perfect AC power. It also supplies a host of powerful, never -before -seen user control features.

Quintessence Power Center
The new PS Audio Quintessence replaces all of the previous PS Power Director models. Incorporating the advanced chassis design of the Power Plant Premier, the all -new Quintessence Power Center offers all of the features and benefits of the Premier, but without the Premier's AC power regeneration.

The Quintessence incorporates leading -edge Nano -Crystaline filters that are essential for performance while providing increased AC noise purification. It provides a new wider -bandwidth filter than has been previously available elsewhere. The Quintessence also includes PS Audio's vital new over -and -under surge protection.

According to Ryan Conway, PS Audio's North American Sales Manager, "We discovered that all of today's high -end passive power conditioners could provide spike protection - should it ever be required - but virtually none could provide the really critical protection that we all need - protection from AC power surges. These 'stealth surges' - from 140 -160 volts - are all too commonplace. And they're the source of many undiagnosed equipment failures."

Quintet and Duet Power Centers
The Quintet and Duet Power Centers provide the same critical over -and -under surge protection of the Quintessence. They have the same advanced Nano -Crystalline filters as the Quintessence. Designed to make PS Audio's all -new passive AC power conditioning even more affordable, the Quintet and Duet offer few compromises other than a simplified chassis and the elimination of remote control.

" 'Having unprotected entertainment.' That's what we call using a valuable a/v system without surge protection. Providing true over -and -under surge protection is one of the primary design goals in the new PS Audio Power line," said Matthew Bastien, PS Audio's Sales Director.

Soloist In -Wall Power Conditioner
The Soloist is the world's first in -wall AC power conditioner. This conditioner eliminates cables and clutter. It's of particular value for mounting behind products like Plasma TVs, providing AC power conditioning where none would have been available.

About PS Audio
PS Audio, Inc. is a Boulder, CO. manufacturer of high performance and high value audio, AC power, and cable products. PS, who pioneered the entire a/v high -end AC power -conditioning category, will be unveiling an entirely new line of AC power regenerating and passive AC power conditioning products at CES 2007 - Jan. 8 -11, 2007. Visit PS Audio at the Venetian Hotel, Tower Suite #29 -139.

For more information, contact Matt Bastien at 1 -715 -425 -8826, or

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