NAD Introduces Two New HDMI Compatible DVD Players During CES 2007

The T 585 and T 515 Offer Improved Performance, Flexibility and Playback Capabilities on a Wide Variety of Media

CES 2007, LAS VEGAS, NV., Jan. 8, 2007 - NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance audio components, further expands their Home Theater products with the versatile T 585 Universal DVD Player and the affordable T 515 DVD/CD Player during CES 2007 this week in Las Vegas. Each model features an HDMI output with HDCP encryption for use with high definition displays.

Audio performance has always been the hallmark of NAD components and that is what really sets their DVD players apart from the competition. Both players benefit from audiophile quality 24 -bit, 192 -kHz audio D/A converters. All formats, including supported MP3 and WMA files, take advantage of these audiophile grade DACs ensuring the sound quality of even highly compressed sound files are far superior to the performance heard on media players or computers. Bass is full and tight, mids and highs are detailed and smooth with a stereo image that has depth and scale. And if they can do that with compressed files, just think what they will do with all other media.

Both models also include component, S -Video and composite video connections as well as coax, optical, and stereo analog audio connections, assuring complete compatibility with any home theater set -up. The T 585 also provides a 5.1 analog connection as well as the digital audio format via the HDMI output.

As a universal player, the T 585 supports both DVD -Audio and SACD media, providing on board Dolby Digital and DTS decoding for multi -channel discs. It is also equipped with the SRS True Surround circuit, a surround virtualizer that creates 5 -channel audio with only 2 speakers. The T 515 supports standard CD and DVD media and is also compatible with DivX and (2 -channel only) DVD -Audio discs.

The T 515 provides a standard 480i and 576i picture, which can be "upsampled" to 1080i . The T 585 differs in that it employs a Faroudja DCDi chip that will 'upconvert' standard DVD (480 lines) to the HD formats of 720p or 1080i, which is available on the HDMI and Analog Component Video output.

Additional Features of the T 585

Due to the sophistication of the T 585 and the additional high -resolution media supported, it offers a much wider array of technologies and features that further extend its audio and video performance

The T 585 provides comprehensive on -board DVD -Audio and SACD Digital Bass Management, making it possi -ble to preset speaker configurations such as speaker size, distance, and level. The crossover point is selectable with 12 dB high and 24 dB low pass filter slopes.

The T 585 uses MLP lossless compression to produce PCM formatted high -resolution signals from DVD -Audio media. MLP perfectly shrinks the very high data rates of DVD -Audio - up to 13.8 Mbps - to the DVD limit of 9.6 Mbps without losing any data. This compares with data rates of approximately 1.5 Mbps for CD, and as little as 0.03 Mbps for MP3 encoded audio.

SACD (super audio compact disc) uses the DSD (direct stream digital) technique to obtain a very realistic sonic presentation. Many universal players convert the DSD format into the standard PCM format common to all CDs, which defeats the sonic advantage of DSD. The T 585 has two separate signal paths for the DVD -Audio and SACD signals, which maintains the highest possible levels of sound quality for each format. The integration of high - speed FET output devices keep all the detail present in the high -resolution SACD and DVD -Audio formats perfectly intact.

The Dual Discrete Video Circuit (D.D.V.C.) in the T 585 ensures the highest possible picture quality via the Component Video output and a high -speed dual 12 -bit, 216 -MHz video D/A converter delivers accurate playback of deli -cate, low -level video signals, producing a vivid picture that is faithful in every detail. Higher quality picture reproduction is also possible thanks to a filter with flexible 'shutout characteristics' that is used for the analog filter in the latter stage.

Furthermore, the NAD T 585 uses two separate video D/A converters to process progressive and interlaced signals, eliminating mutual interference between the two signals. This allows both a standard definition and a high definition picture to be output simultaneously - a great feature for sending video to a second viewing zone.

Easy integration with advanced control systems, such as AMX and Crestron, is made possible using the rear panel IR input, 12V trigger input, and RS -232 port.

Both players offer a broad array of other capabilities, including Multi -Angle*, Multi -Sound*, Multi -Subtitle*, Frame, 100x Zoom, Marker Search, Smooth Scan, Slow Motion, and Repeat. All these functions can be easily accessed with the supplied remote control.

The T 585 Universal DVD Player and T 515 DVD/CD Player will sell for suggested retail prices of $1199 and $399, respectively. Currently shipping, both players can be seen in NADs hospitality suite at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2007.

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