Atlona Amplified HDMI Cables

HDMI cables can now reach up to 200ft. Atlona has made a few different kinds from 75ft all the way till 200ft. cables are HDMI 1.3 and 1080p rated.

San Jose, CA - HDMI Cable with booster built in.

For Release on December 22, 2006

Atlona Amplified HDMI Cables.

Here is a new addition to our Atlona cable line - Amplified HDMI cables. On the internet you can find a variety of HDMI extension options like: Fiber optic HDMI, HDMI over the CAT -5 line, Boosters and amplifiers that work with regular HDMI cables and more. In this release we will explain why those options, while still being great for installations, are inferior to these new cables. Let's look at some of the advantages of Atlona amplified HDMI cables over some other commonly available options.

Let's quickly compare Fiber optic, CAT -5 and our amplified HDMI. These cables use a 5 volt line, which exists within every HDMI connection to power the amplifier. Amplifier is built to match the length of the cable and provide the right amplification for that length. This eliminates over boosting, which is common to some amplifiers and boosters. Because these cables use an internal power line, they do not require external power supply, which is commonly used in boosters, amplifiers and CAT -5 extenders. These cables also do not require separate boxes at each end, which are used in CAT -5 extenders. Atlona Amplified HDMI cables also use connectors with a much smaller footprint, which is a large advantage over the connectors that are used in the Fiber Optic cables and most of all they do not cost as much as Fiber Optics.

One of the biggest advantages of these cables is that they are ready for the near future. Unlike every other extension application, Atlona amplified HDMI cables carry HDMI 1.3 rating. This rating translates into the cables ability to transfer a higher resolution signal, such as 1440p/WQXGA.

Another advantage is an ability to carry higher refresh rates. While the upper limit of HDMI 1.3 was not specified, it is expected for the refresh rates to reach as high as 120Hz. This is especially a big plus in computers, where high refresh rates are needed to reduce screen flickering. I'm guessing that we will soon see computers and computer monitors with HDMI inputs and outputs.
More Colors is another plus. Unlike previous HDMI rated cables could carry only up to 24 -bit in color depth, which translates to 17 million colors. HDMI 1.3 can carry 30 -bit, 36 -bit and 48 -bit color depth, which translates to 1B, 69B and 281T colors. Now that's truly a lot of colors.

Ok, but what about audio? Let's take a look at the new audio support that HDMI 1.3 provides.
HDMI 1.3 adds additional support for new, lossless compressed digital audio formats: Dolby® TrueHD and DTS -HD Master Audio™, which provide up to 8 channels of lossless surround sound. This will provide us with the highest quality audio experience - the same as in the movie theater.

Atlona Amplified HDMI cables also carry a CL2 rating, which means that the jacket complies with the standard for in -wall installations. They are ROhS rated, which means that they contain no harmful materials like Lead.
So in the end we have a better signal transfer, no over boosting, no need to tune amplifiers, ability to transfer higher resolutions, more colors, higher refresh rates, better audio, ratings for different installation applications. I can truly say that these cables are far more superior to other HDMI extension applications available today.
Atlona Technologies is a subdivision of Lenexpo Electronics, created as one of our own cable and equipment brand names. Every cable and a piece of equipment manufactured under this brand name meets or exceeds the standards set by US, Canadian and European Governments.

All of our equipment and cables are built under the following standards and certifications (if applicable): HDMI, DDWG Rev1.0, CE, UL, C -UL, ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. We are working with large companies like HP, Comcast, SBC, Delta etc

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