Torchiere With A Twist: New Soundolier Duo Wireless Speaker Lamp Wins CES Best of Innovations Award

Floor Lamp with Integrated Wireless Speaker Is One of 2007 Consumer Electronics Show's Most Honored New Products

LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER, BOOTH #21723 - (January 8, 2007) - Here's an idea to file under "Why didn't I think of that?": a state -of -the -art, omnidirectional speaker hidden within a stylish torchiere floor lamp, ready for duty as a surround speaker with a home theater or other high -quality audio system. That's the out -of -the -box thinking that drove the creation of the Duo wireless speaker lamp, winner of a remarkable two International Consumer Electronics Show Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards, in addition to the highest possible prize in the Home Theater Audio category -the CES Best of Innovations Award.

A breakthrough new product from Soundolier, a division of Mitek Corporation, the Duo combines elegance and premium -quality sound in a single, remarkably functional product. The Soundolier Duo solves the two most common surround speaker installation challenges:
• Wiring -Most existing homes have no in -wall prewiring for surround speakers, requiring home theater lovers to either pay for expensive wire runs, live with unsightly exposed wires -or do without;
• Aesthetics -Conventional surround speakers can be unsightly, competing with decorations when mounted on rear walls or, when placed on stands, with end tables or reading lamps.
The Duo's unique, creative design and exceptional performance has sent it to the top of the consumer electronics world. In addition to its Best of Innovations and Design & Engineering awards in the Home Theater Audio category, the Duo was honored with a Design & Engineering award in the Wireless Peripheral category.
International CES' prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), recognize products exhibiting exceptional engineering, user value, aesthetic and design qualities, unique features, contributions to consumers' quality of life, and impact on the manufacturer's business model. Best of Innovations winners will be displayed in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2007 International CES.
"Because the Duo utilizes wireless audio, it can be placed anywhere in the home," said Johnathan Ivey, Director of Wireless Technologies for Soundolier. "According to a recent CEA survey, wireless speakers are second only to 'television' as the component home theater lovers are most likely to add to their home theater. A pair of Soundolier Duo speaker lamps seamlessly blends into the décor and provides the level of sound quality one expects."
The Soundolier Duo features a timeless contemporary design that complements most home decorating styles. The sleek black base and stem (alternate colors will soon be available) opens to a visually -balanced housing at the top of the lamp containing both a 5 -1/4", full range speaker and dimmer -controlled lighting fixture. Using a patent -pending, pole piece mounted dispersion design, the Soundolier Duo evenly disperses sound in a 360 arc, virtually eliminating localization.
Thanks to its advanced 2.4GHz digital technology, the Soundolier Duo's wireless reception does not suffer from the interference problems found with 900MHz and early 2.4GHz systems. Its wireless transmitter provides 200 -foot line -of -sight transmission, making it suitable for waiting rooms, offices, salons or other places where soft lighting and omnidirectional sound are desired. What's more, signal communication can be switched among four difference channels to avoid interference with WiFi computer networks, cordless phones, or wireless appliances.
The Soundolier Duo has multiple convenience features to provide flexibility and added value. Use the 3.5mm line output jack at the base of the lamp to connect a subwoofer or a second transmitter to extend the reception range; an additional 3.5mm stereo line input jack, also on the base, allows for quick connection to local sources such as MP3 players, satellite radio receivers, or game systems. Each Duo can be individually set to 'left' or 'right' when used as 2 -channel pairs, or 'mix' to obtain stereo sound for locations where just one speaker is preferred.
The innovative Soundolier Duo Wireless Speaker Torchiere makes an excellent addition to the offerings of both lighting stores and audio/home theater retailers.

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