EDT i -LiNE Introduces New Products - i -ON -L and the i -PoWER -MX4

LONGVIEW, Texas - Electronic Design Technology (EDT) recently announced the release of two new additions to the product line: the i-ON-L, a 2-wire latching relay switch and the i-PoWER-MX4, advanced 4-port network interface module.

Why the New Switch?

The new 2 -wire relay switch has a 1500 watt resistance that will enable i -LiNE to control much higher loads. For example, it will now be possible to control over the network a 1200 watt entry way chandelier, or an automatic electric fireplace, or a large bank of commercial fluorescent lights. The market has shown a growing demand for the ability to control high wattage fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, resistive loads, and small motors. The i -LiNE system now has this ability.

i -ON -LS 1500w Relay with Sensor Input

One of the great features of the i -LiNE system is ability to control lighting and other fixtures using contact closures. Program a scene to activate when your garage door opens or have your outside security lights turn on when alarm is activated. The options are endless with the i -PoRT -C1 and i -PoRT -C4 contact closure modules.

Along with the i -ON -L, EDT introduces the i -ON -LS switch with Sensor Input. Prior to the release of the i -ON -LS, the i -PoRT -C1 contact closure module had to be purchased separately. The i -ON -LS relay switch now has a sensor contact closure built in. In other words, the i -ON -LS has eliminated the need for an external i -PoRT -C1, cutting the costs to almost half. Also available is the i -ON -slS which is the 'slave' or 'scene' switch to the i -ON -LS.

i -LiNE Network Gets an Upgrade
i -PoWER -MX4 - Advanced Interface Module

Upgrade: Timers with built in Astronomical Clock

The newly designed i -PoWER -MX4 has taken all of the useful features of the original Interface Module and has added a few more. i -LiNE users will now have the ability to set timers to the network based on an internal astronomical clock.

What are the benefits of a having timers? Simply put, they enhance the features of automation and convenience. If you happen to be a home or business owner, you will now be able to automate your standard sprinkler system to a preset list of times to automatically turn on and off. If security is important to you than you might appreciate the ability to activate a sequence of lights to turn on and off making it appear as though someone is home. If you tell the kids lights out at 10:00pm, you can now enforce it at 6:00pm knowing i -LiNE will follow through with a pre -programmed timer to turn off the lights in the kids' rooms. With the new i -PoWER -MX4, you can worry about what really matters and let i -LiNE take care of the rest.

i -LiNE - Industry's Best Value Luxury
Lighting Control System

The i -LiNE lighting control system provides entertainment, security, convenience, and energy management features. Best of all, this innovative technology is becoming more affordable making it possible to brighten up a dream home without breaking the bank.

100% reliable hardwired Cat5 network
Daisy -chain; no expensive central controller
Complex scene capability; up to 256 scenes
Set the perfect mood with one touch
Program an all -off button
Integrate with security system
Program entry way and interior lights to turn on as you approach your home
Set timers to simulate someone being home
Each device is intelligent
auto -configuration
ease of installation
More than just lighting control
control of ceiling fans, garages doors & gates, blind & shade, motion detectors & timers, and many other functions.
Save up to 35% on utility bill
Auto control lighting
Program temperature control settings

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This is Control4 Home Automation with Amazon Alexa.

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