muvee Launches autoProducer 6 Consumer Video Editing Software

Latest version combines automatic video editing with powerful new personalization features to allow users to create more customized productions easily

SINGAPORE and NEW YORK - December 5, 2006 - muvee, the pioneer and leader in Instant Personal Video, today announces the release of the latest version of its flagship automatic video editing software, muvee autoProducer 6. Designed to give users more control over their muvees, this edition introduces new personalization features including customizable styles, more production settings and support for captions and voiceovers.

"muvee fans love the automatic video editing capabilities of our autoProducer software but many ask for more control and more ways to add personal touches to their muvees," said Dr. Pete Kellock, muvee's founder and CEO. "With autoProducer 6, we're giving our users this control while maintaining the simplicity that's inherent in muvee's unique approach. We've done this in a way that's fast, elegant, and radically different from conventional approaches to video editing. For example, autoProducer 6 introduces a totally new concept called superStyles. These are customizable muvee styles with sliders and other controls that users can adjust to radically alter the mood and feel of their muvees. Simple concept, compelling results. And you have 8 of these superStyles to choose from."

Key new features in autoProducer 6 include:

* 8 superStyles with customizable parameters that give users great control over the style behavior. Just by moving a slider or checking a box, users can alter the way muvee's automatic editing engine chooses highlights from the raw video, how fast it cuts the video, how much the cutting is paced to music, what special effects and transitions are used, and more. In addition, muvee autoProducer 6 comes bundled with the original 24 styles (corePack) from previous autoProducer versions.

* Support for adding text captions to pictures and sections of video.

* Voiceover capability, which lets users add a narration to their muvees before saving.

* Full -screen preview of muvees before saving.

* Support for direct import of video/pictures from a DV camcorder, camera or other device, with automatic picture enhancement (red -eye removal and noise reduction).

* An expandable media panel, which allows users to view and organize all their video and pictures in a larger window. Users can zoom in/out of thumbnails, rotate pictures and launch the advanced magicMoments™ or magicSpot™ features within this window.

* muveeShare, which allows collective saving and sharing of multiple muvees in various formats for email, online sharing, high -definition (HD) output, and direct burning to CD/DVD.

* 10 additional DVD themes (total of 20).

Advanced features that were introduced earlier in version 5 of autoProducer have also been enhanced in this latest release. magicMoments™, which allows users to pre -select key moments in their video for inclusion, now also supports video captioning for the highlighted moments. magicSpot™, which lets users control the pan/zoom motion that is applied to pictures, now includes support for picture captions. tweak muvee, which allows users to make quick touch -ups to muvees before saving, now has added support for voiceovers.

muvee autoProducer 6 for Windows XP (English) is now available online at US$129.95 from muvee's website at

About muvee

muvee is the pioneer and global leader in a dynamic new field: Instant Personal Video. muvee's patented technology revolutionizes home video production, enabling anyone to automatically turn video and pictures into professional -quality productions in hundreds of different styles. Users need no prior experience working with video and each production is created in a fraction of the time that it would normally take using conventional video editing tools. muvee's products are available for PCs, camera phones, embedding in CE devices, photo kiosks, websites and other platforms. muvee's global partners include Hewlett -Packard, Nokia, Sony, Nikon and LG. For more information, please visit

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muvee, n. (pronounced 'mew -vee', always written entirely in lowercase)
1. A professional -quality, music -driven video production that is created in seconds using intelligent, automatic editing technology.
2. An abbreviation for muvee Technologies, the pioneer in Instant Personal Video and creator of muvee autoProducer software.

"muvee" is a registered trademark of muvee Technologies Pte Ltd.

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