New Consulting Firm to Specialize in International Markets

CMI will provide consumer electronics manufacturers the tools to successfully embark on an export marketing program and penetrate international channels.


CMI will provide consumer electronics manufacturers the tools to successfully embark on an export marketing program and penetrate international channels.

New York - Montréal - Paris - December 4, 2006 - Concepts Marketing International (CMI) is an international consulting firm that offers consumer electronics manufacturers in both North America and Europe an experience -savvy, professional approach to expanding distribution and sales outside of their domestic markets and into profitable export channels.

CMI has three founders, each of who bring a specific skill set and knowledge base to companies looking to market their products internationally. Michel Jacques, who is located in Montréal, is a 30 -year industry veteran who began his career as a high -end retailer, then founded an import company that distributed CE products throughout Canada and the USA and later became export manager for a large Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer. His most recent accomplishment was as founder of D -BOX Technologies. Rob Robinson, who is located in New York, has spent over three decades developing products and marketing plans and building sales and distribution networks for some of the most innovative and successful companies in the consumer electronics industry. Ariane Morin, who is located in Paris, is the founder of Phlox Electronique which manufactured their products and established an impressive global distribution network in 25 countries for YBA, France's world -renowned high -end electronics line.

"It was clear to my partners and I that CE manufacturers were struggling with bringing their products to international markets. Our process is designed to help guide a company through the difficult maze of creating an export marketing business plan and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully execute the individual export plan CMI develops," stated CMI co -founder Rob Robinson. "Our goal is not to do it for them, but rather, to guide them in development of the analysis, plans and structure needed for companies to implement an export marketing plan themselves. Within twelve months of engaging CMI, we expect our clients to be successfully exporting their products and technologies without our assistance."

Robinson added, "What makes CMI truly unique is our depth of experience, knowledge and understanding regarding all major markets in North America and Europe. Collectively, our founders have traveled to and successfully conducted business in over 40 countries and one of the most valuable lessons that we have learned is that the concept of a 'global market' is more myth than reality. Each country and region is quite unique in terms of business practices, regulations, consumer buying behavior, as well as effective marketing materials. For a successful export launch we believe that this local market diversity requires adaptation on the part of the manufacturer, rather than relying on local distribution and retail channels to adapt to the manufacturer's methods and style."

With a wealth of experience, a global network of industry contacts and affiliates and offices in Montréal, New York and Paris, the CMI management team is uniquely positioned to provide consumer electronics manufacturers with the strategic planning, market and product development knowledge, and other management tools needed to enter export markets with well -honed skills and confidence.

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About Concepts Marketing International
With offices in New York, Montréal and Paris, Concepts Marketing International (CMI) was established to provide consumer electronics manufacturers the knowledge, structure and skills necessary to successfully embark on an export marketing program.

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