Are Integrators All Alone Out There?

Dealers are the backbone of the home automation industry, a fact largely taken for granted across the board. Shouldn't distributors and others step-up to support these key players on the front line?

Dealers are the backbone of the home automation industry…its key players on the front line. Face to face with Mr. & Mrs. End User, dealers must continually pull from a wide variety of skill sets, a fact largely taken for granted in other parts of our industry.

Integrators regularly juggle the hard work of prospecting, selling and installing, plus everything from customer service to accounting to marketing to maintenance after the sale. Notice technical skills and up -to -the -minute product knowledge are practically an afterthought.

Each system sold to the end user is largely unique, made of individual products based on a mixture of the client's needs and the installer's know -how. Yet even as the home automation industry continues to grow stronger in numbers, the majority of our key players are still learning to integrate across manufacturer lines the hard way: by trial and error. Is it just me or does that sound quite costly? Not only costly in terms of wasted product, but also in non -budgeted time and impatient customers.

The question that now surfaces is "where is the industry support for these hard -working dealers?" The bottom line is that without the front line selling and installing for builders and homeowners in a thoroughly satisfying way, our industry wouldn't be the growth industry it currently is. It is clearly time for the home automation industry to step up the support for our key players!

Step Up, Home Automation Industry!

How can the industry infrastructure be improved? It's already happening. Some manufacturers and select distributors are answering the call for extensive, high -quality dealer training and support. A prime example is a 17 -year -old national distributor, Home Controls, Inc.

HCI offers both unmatched experience and forward -thinking services to integrators throughout the United States and around the world. By collaborating with over 100 manufacturers to offer frequent product training and demos, integrators are ensured access to the latest product knowledge, typically presented by the manufacturers themselves.

Two dealer programs support thousands of Home Controls dealers through innovative features and benefits each year. Examples include free technical support, personalized customer service, dealer pricing 24 hours daily, loyalty programs, and even extensive marketing support for ConnectHome members.

Gavin Zimmer of CSEC Solutions, Inc. agrees that unique, individual support is just what his thriving company needs. "[Home Controls] is responsive, knowledgeable, and steps out of the box to support our needs. Backed up by Technical Support, we are confident we can provide a working and reliable solution."

Dealers, the Answer is Here

How can you get involved, become supported and get the most up -to -date information? Sample the hands -on support and training available by attending a free Dealer Conference to celebrate the Grand Opening of Home Controls' new facility in San Diego. Leading manufacturers such as HAI, Leviton, Simply Automated, GE Security and OnQ/Legrand will present fresh product demos and allow for intimate Q & A on December 6th, 2006 from 730am -6pm.

"There has long been a need for on -going personal interaction, quality dealer support and hands -on training in our industry. Home Controls is continually working to close the gap, and the free Grand Opening Dealer Conference on December 6th is just one example," explains Ken Kerr, CEO of Home Controls. "We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity; you will gain real value."

With all this synergy, there is bound to be a positive widespread effect. Let's support the generation of dealer -supporting infrastructure across the home automation industry.

To register for the upcoming Grand Opening Conference visit For more information regarding Home Controls' extensive training and support offerings, visit or call 1 -800 -CONTROLS (266 -8765).

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