Russell Systems Inc. Opens New Website for Retail, Dealer, and Distributor sales

Russell Systems Inc. develops innovative products for the custom installation industry. Our current products include the RTB structured wiring system for home theaters, multi room audio video systems and universal motorized flat panel lifts.

Chicago, IL - John Russell, Chicago entrepreneur, today released a product to streamline and revolutionize the installation of home audio video, home theater and home automation products in the consumer electronics industry.

Russell, founder of CDMI, Inc. and Russell Systems Inc. unveiled his patent -pending products on his website, "The RTBs allow custom installation professionals, electricians and do -it - yourselfers to design and install home entertainment systems in an organized and professional way," Russell said.

Russell has more than 20 years experience in the consumer electronics industry, covering all aspects from product development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution to sales training, technical training, and consumer education. "The goal of CDMI has always been to provide customers with the finest products and the education needed to grow their businesses" he said.

Russell was inspired by his need to be more organized and more efficient, since "these are directly related to profitability. I designed these products because our industry requires weeks or months between pre -wiring and final wiring on residential and commercial job sites. With RTBs, the process is organized and documented, eliminating the need to trace wires, clean wires and loosely label wires. I spend less time on each job site."

The RTB -SYS -HT is specifically designed for dedicated home theaters and media rooms. It has locations to wire seven (7) speakers in the patented spring clamp terminal strip, - component, HDMI or DVI cables for video - subwoofers, satellite, cable TV, telephone, IR, and Ethernet wire are all housed in the 10" x 16" x 3.5" laser -welded, pre -construction box. Also included is a pre -construction cover (RTB -PC) which protects the cables and connection during the drywall, painting, and finishing stages of construction. An optional finished cover plate, the RTB -FC, is designed to protect connections after final installation in areas where the RTB -SYS -HT might be visible. The RTB -FC has a "mailbox" type hinged door to allow wires to pass from RTB -SYS -HT to the equipment rack or cabinet and a textured powder coated finish that is easily painted to match the color of the wall.

The RTB -SYS -MR is designed for multi -room audio video systems. It comes standard with 24 patented spring clamp connectors for a six -zone audio system. There are also spaces to wire keypads, video distribution, satellite, cable, IR, security cameras, subwoofers, and network connections. The RTB -PC pre -construction cover plate is included to protect wire and connections during the drywall, painting and finishing stages of construction. The optional RTB -FC is a finished cover plate with a textured finish that allows it to be painted the color of the wall for installation where the RTB -MR might be visible. There is also a "mailbox" type door that allows wires from the RTB -SYS -MR to the equipment in the rack or cabinet to stay together and have a finished look.

The entire line of RTB products is now available nationwide at an introductory price from the web site as well as select consumer electronics distributors throughout the country.

For more information, contact John Russell at or (800) 920 -9333.

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