New 12 -Channel AudioControl Amplifiers Begin Shipping

One month after they were first revealed to the public, AudioControl's new 12-channel Architect Model 860 and Model 660 amplifiers began shipping last week. The AudioControl team celebrated with a ceremonial 'Bon Voyage' party. Images included.


New 12 -channel AudioControl Amp Begins Shipping with 'Bon Voyage'

Mountlake Terrace, WA - AudioControl, a U.S. designer and manufacturer of ultra -reliable distributed audio amplifiers, celebrated the inaugural shipment of their new Architect Model 860 and Architect Model 660 12 -channel amplifiers. In splendid nautical tradition, AudioControl employees at their two manufacturing plants (located in Washington State) held a party, complete with a custom cake to celebrate the completion of the new AudioControl product. More than just cake and conversation, festivities included an exchange of congratulatory handshakes and the debut of Serial Number 1.

Engineer Endorses New Amp
'As a US manufacturer, we get the pleasure of watching the first of every product emerge out of production,' exclaimed Chris Kane, AudioControl's National Sales Manager. 'Designing and building innovative products takes a great deal of effort from everyone on our staff, and a 'Bon Voyage' party is our way of recognizing everyone's contribution.'

Bon Voyage to Model 860The 'Bon Voyage' celebration began with employees presenting serial number 1 of the Architect Model 860 for display in the company museum, complete with congratulatory handshakes and photo opportunities. Employees with a vital role in the design and assembly of the product were called forward to sign the official 'Bon Voyage' sign -off sheet and cut the cake. All employees, after they endorsed the sign off sheet, enjoyed cake and friendly conversation, then gathered together for a group photo. The sign -off sheet along with photos from the event, will be mounted on a plaque that will adorn the walls of the company awards room for years to come, recognizing the team mentality that permeates AudioControl's corporate culture.

The Architect Model 860 and Architect Model 660 unite CI specific features and advanced networking capabilities with the authoritative power, pristine sonics, and bulletproof reliability built into every AudioControl amplifier. Both models are built on the cool -running Class H foundation AudioControl has popularized to combat amplifier overheating, which affects a systems sonic performance and reliability. The Architect Model 860 has the 5 bands of custom -contoured equalization control for each channel (totaling 60 filters) popularized by their predecessors.

'Bon Voyage' celebrations have been an AudioControl tradition since the company began producing consumer electronics in 1977. It stands as a reminder to all employees of their crucial role in the development and production of AudioControl products, and serves as the final chapter before the product reaches consumers.

AudioControl has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality, award -winning home and car audio components in the United States since 1977. The company's headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing and production facilities are entirely located in Washington State, in the heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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AudioControl, Architect Model 860, Architect Model 660, and 'For Those Who Consider Perfection Possible.' are trademarks of Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.

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