Philips expands its 2006 FlatTV™ line with a 47" 1080p LCD and 63" Plasma

Philips introduced a 47" LCD 1080p television, along with a 63" Plasma model. Philips' new 47PF9441D and 63PF9631D FlatTV sets offer consumers expanded sizes for larger than life entertainment.

Philips introduced at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) a 47" LCD 1080p television, along with a 63" Plasma model. As the demand for flat -panel TVs continues to escalate to new heights, Philips' new 47PF9441D and 63PF9631D FlatTV sets offer consumers expanded sizes for larger than life entertainment.

The future of television is flat, with DisplaySearch estimating that approximately 79 percent of overall TV sales in volume will be flat in 2008. That figure climbs to almost 92 percent in 2010. Additionally, DisplaySearch indicated that Philips is the leader in LCD TV sales worldwide.

"We recognize that consumers want to super -size their entertainment experience," said Scott Levitan, senior vice president of marketing and sales, Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. "Our new TVs are feature -laden to provide razor sharp pictures that seduce and enrapture viewers. The 47" LCD offers the highest picture resolution available."

According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), consumers will spend $21 billion - $4 billion more than in 2005 - on electronics gifts this holiday season. Many of these gifts will be flat -panel TVs. Hitting shelves just in time for the holidays and aggressively priced, Philips' 47PF9441D and 63PF9631D are ideal gifts the whole family can enjoy year -round.

Rich colors and features: 47PF9441D and 63PF9631D
Taking picture quality to the next level, the 47PF9441D and the 63PF9631D models feature Philips' Pixel Plus™ 3HD. Pixel Plus 3HD enhances content from already pristine sources such as HD signals and DVDs and the pixels of an incoming picture are altered to match surrounding pixels. The result is an image both brilliant and natural. Skin tones are natural, colors pop and details become amazingly lifelike. Pixel Plus 3HD ensures that the picture quality will be stunning.

Combining the superior resolution of the 1080p format with the smooth stable image of progressive scan technology, Philips' 47PF9441D not only offers the premiere resolution, but also features Virtual Dolby Digital™. Users will applaud the crisp pictures and sounds that envelop them - making them participants in the action rather than just viewers. The 47PF9441D offers a compelling design to match its powerful performance with a stylish, piano -black finish.

Philips 63" Plasma delivers stunning High -Definition (HD) programming and enables users to embrace the digital lifestyle. With the built -in USB connector, multimedia content comes to life as images splash across the screen. Vacation memories are larger than life and visible for the whole family to enjoy from the comfort of the couch. MP3 tracks emerge from the TV's sleek, integrated silver speakers and engulf consumers in sound. Both sets feature USB and HDMI connections for pristine picture quality.

Set -up made simple
Philips recognizes that consumers want to immediately use their new FlatTV set and not hassle with a complicated set -up. Philips' new Settings Assistant software is a simple, easy to follow guide that activates when the set is first turned on. Users are guided through six preferences, including contrast, sharpness and color saturation, where they optimize the picture settings to their personal preference. Now customizing the picture is as simple as selecting which option A or B the consumer prefers. Both the 47PF9441D and the 63PF9631D feature this new application, letting consumers enjoy their FlatTV set without a complex set -up.

The 63PF9631D is currently available with a suggested retail price of $5,999 and the 47PF9441D will be available in December with a suggested retail price of $2,999.

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