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CHICAGO, IL -November 1, 2006 - Peerless Industries, Inc., the industry leader in professional -grade audio/visual mounting solutions, today introduced its new OneMount™ Flat Panel Modular Wall Mount (ONE -TP models) for LCD and plasma screens, designed to provide residential installers one product that can accommodate screens from 23 -inches all the way to 84 -inches. It comes in an all inclusive, compact box that reduces the number of models required for installation to just one. Allowing twice the number of mounts and A/V equipment to fit on the truck and reduces the number of restocking trips back to the office.

OneMount is an exciting, versatile new solution that works with practically any screen at the installation site," said Derrik Lam, director of Mounting Solutions for Peerless Industries. "This mount eliminates uncertainty of the wrong product being ordered and easily accommodates for unexpected screen changes. Its flexibility to hold a large range of screens and its intuitive installation design make this a must have product for every installer."

Flexible, Versatile, Modular
Peerless' new OneMount™ Flat Panel Modular Wall Mount's (ONE -TP) patent -pending design provides a single solution that accommodates flat panel screens from 23 inches to 84 inches, hold up to 250 pounds and is UL® listed. It is comprised of three interlocking wall plates that can be used in one, two or three plate configurations, depending on screen size. Mount assembly is expedited with the center wall plate's built -in screw design. Simply attach the interlocking side wall plate(s) to the center wall plate and secure with two or four flange nuts. The adapter brackets extend to accommodate the screen's mounting hole pattern. Just loosen two screws on each bracket and extend the brackets to fit any mounting hole pattern.

Easy -Grip Lever, Centralized Screen Placement, and a Bonus Feature
The OneMount™ Flat Panel Modular Wall Mount incorporates a wide range of viewing angles using a continuous, one -touch tilt mechanism which provides up to +15/ -5 degrees of tilt. In the negative tilt position, over 4 inches of clearance provides clear access behind the screen for cord management. If tilt needs to be locked into place, the easy -grip tension adjustment handle allows firm tension to be applied, eliminating the need for readjustment.

"This product is so versatile," said Lam, "even the wall studs don't have to be centered for the screen to be perfectly placed." The mount features a continuous rail design that enables screen positioning across the entire length of the mount making side -to -side adjustments easy."

As an added feature, optional security hardware is included to guard one of the most expensive A/V components in the system, the TV. The security feature also acts as a safety mechanism, preventing the screen from accidentally being bumped off the wall, protecting the screen and ensuring safety for the homeowner.

Availability and Pricing
Peerless' new OneMount™ Flat Panel Modular Wall Mount (ONE -TP) will be available November 1st at a list price of $250. For more information about Peerless' professional -grade mounting solutions, visit or call (800) 865 -2112.

About Peerless Industries, Inc.
Peerless has designed and manufactured the most comprehensive line of audio/visual mounting solutions for over 40 years. Today, Peerless designs and manufactures mounts for current and emerging visual display technologies, including LCD and plasma flat panel displays, projectors, CRT televisions and other electronic equipment used in the commercial and consumer markets. Built on decades of experience and proven expertise, Peerless Industries is ISO 9001 certified and is an approved Underwriters Laboratories testing site. For more information, visit


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