PSB Speakers Announces an Alliance with Innovative New Company, EZBracket

Developed by custom installers, the inventive bracket system from EZBracket simplifies in-wall and in-ceiling installations

SHARON, Massachusetts, Oct. 27, 2006 -PSB Speakers, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance loudspeakers, is pleased to announce its partnership with EZBracket of Concordia, MO. EZBracket developed and manufactures a universally adaptable speaker bracket for installing round and rectangular in -wall and in -ceiling speakers.

Solving a myriad of problems and issues encountered by custom installers, the EZBracket system is simple to use, significantly reducing installation time. Moreover, with only two SKU's, a single universal round and a single universal rectangular version, it's inexpensive to stock. Any size speaker can be easily installed with one of these two versions including PSB's award -winning high -end designs such as the CW600E and CW800E Enclosed In -Wall speakers.

"PSB Speakers is pleased to be the first manufacturer to align itself with EZBracket, a new company with a totally innovative approach to in -wall speaker installation," said Bob Brown, President and CEO of PSB Speakers. "PSB announced a number of new models in their CustomSound Series at the recent CEDIA Expo in Denver and the addition of EZBracket will further enhance our expanded offerings in the CI product segment."

The EZBracket consists of a cardboard backing with ruler markings around all four edges, eliminating the need for a tape measure. This backing staples directly to the studs providing a convenient "placeholder" for the speaker to be installed. All that is needed is two hands and staple gun. Directions are printed on the placeholder in English, French, Spanish and Polish, and includes an easy alphabetized index for various speaker sizes. Additionally, the bracket uses a metal ring, which prevents accidental cutting as is possible with plastic rings.

The EZ -C (round) will fit most popular in -ceiling speakers and the EZ -W (rectangular) can expand to fit up to thirty -six different sizes. In the case, of the large PSB CW600E and CW800E, multiple EZ -W brackets need to be used. However, in all cases PSB's numerous in -wall and in -ceiling SKU's can all be installed using one of the two EZBrackets.

Jim Murray, the C.O.O. of EZBracket said, "It is a great pleasure and a tremendous endorsement of our product that a brand like PSB Speakers, with over 35 years in the design of high -performance speakers in every category, and such a long record of impressive reviews, would align itself with EZBracket."

PSB will start shipping EZBrackets in November.

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