New AudioControl Theater Processor Extends Hi -Def Video Signals 1000 Feet!

AudioControl announces the release of their new Maestro M2e, which incorporates AudioControl's ABT circuitry, allowing it to output HD component video signals that can extend 1000' over standard Cat-5 wiring to an AudioControl BVR-25 or BVR-20.

Mountlake Terrace, WA - August 2006: AudioControl, a U.S. designer and manufacture of performance theater products has announced the release of their new Maestro M2e, as an enhanced version of their highly acclaimed theater processor. This new version incorporates AudioControl's Active Balanced Technology, which allows it to output a high -resolution component video signal that can extend 1000' over standard Category -5 wiring. An AudioControl BVR -25 or BVR -20 is then used to receive the signal and convert it back to a standard component video signal.

"AudioControl began shipping products with Active Balanced Technology almost ten years ago. Dealers latched onto the technology almost immediately as an ideal way to solve the problems that normally come when sending high quality, noise -free video and audio signals over long distances." commented Chris Kane of AudioControl. "Given AudioControl's experience in high performance theater and distributed video products, the Maestro M2e was a natural product addition for us. It is the industry's first theater processor with the ability to output high definition video over standard CAT -5."

Like it's predecessor, the Maestro M2e accepts a component video signal (1080, 720, or 480 format) plus digital audio signal from a source unit, such as a DVD player or satellite receiver. It then outputs these signals via an RJ -45 connector located on the rear panel. This Actively Balanced signal can then be transmitted up to 1000' feet on standard Cat -5 wire to an AudioControl BVR -25 or BVR -20 receiver which outputs a standard component video signal. The newly enhanced Maestro M2e can transmit all 480, 720, or even 1080 video formats.
Optionally the Maestro M2e will output component video and 12 -volts, which provides the remote power for an AudioControl BVR -25, balanced line receiver.

The Maestro M2e in general, is feature laden, making it ideal for use in high performance home theaters and custom installation applications. The Maestro M2e boasts processing power that supports all of the major audio surround formats from DTS to Dolby Digital including the new Dolby Pro Logic IIx. In addition, an eight channel direct analog input is provided for use with DVD -A and SACD sources to allow for audiophile -caliber performances. Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs provide maximum sound performance output to all theaters. Additionally, the Maestro M2e is equipped with AM and FM tuners supporting RDS (Radio Data System) broadcasts. HDMI and high bandwidth component video switching serve as further evidence that the Maestro M2e is a top -level performer despite it's aggressive pricing.

The Maestro M2e will begin shipping in October 2006 with a
suggested client selling price of $2399 and will be directly replacing the Maestro M2

AudioControl's Active Balanced Technology is based on the balanced signal distribution format, which is the universal standard in professional audio environments. Because of its design, balanced transmissions inherently reject the vast majority of hum, noise, or distortion introduced along the signal path. Additionally, the Active circuitry used in AudioControl's products allows high quality video and audio strength to be maintained over longer distances than traditional passive devices.

AudioControl has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality, award -winning home and car audio components in the United States since 1977. The company's headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing and production facilities are located in State of Washington, in the heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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