RTI Makes Installing its In -Wall System Controllers Easier Than Ever

New Cover Plates, Faceplate Bezels, Pre-Construction Brackets and Back Boxes for In-Wall System Controllers Enable Seamless Integration with Existing Home Décor

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - September 14, 2006 - Remote Technologies, Inc., the industry leader in home electronics control systems, has introduced a series of installation accessories for its line of In -Wall System Controllers. The new cover plates, faceplate bezels, pre -construction brackets, and back boxes offered for the RK1 Keypad Series, RK3 and K4 In -Wall Controllers are designed to create a sleek, stylish in -wall control option, which integrates subtly with any home interior.

"We understand the needs of our installers and the significant advantage that efficiency and customizing the control interface represents," said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. "The new RTI accessories for our in -wall products are geared towards adapting them to their installed environment and significantly reducing installation time, thus making the entire process a breeze."

The stylish, low -profile cover plates for the new RK1 -2, RK1 -4 and RK1 -8 Keypads are available in white, almond, ivory, silver, black or grey. Sized for a single -gang outlet, the RK1 -2, RK1 -4 and RK1 -8 incorporate two, four, and eight fully -programmable buttons respectively, which can be custom labeled with text and symbols. In addition to labeling customization, the backlight for each button can be configured to display almost any desired color.

The elegant, low -profile RK3 faceplate bezel features a snap -on attachment, while the K4 faceplate bezel comes in two styles -classic and contemporary -and it attaches magnetically to the K4 touchscreen. Both faceplate bezels are available in white, almond, ivory, silver or black. The RK3 and K4 In -Wall System Controllers allow users to control entertainment and convenience systems throughout the home, featuring a color LCD touchpanel that is small enough to subtly integrate with any interior, yet detailed enough to display text, graphics, and animations with eye -popping clarity.

The durable RK2, RK3, and K4 pre -construction brackets have been designed to be installed before drywall is hung to make it easier for installers to locate and install the RTI in -wall system controllers. The RK2, RK3, and K4 pre -construction back boxes conveniently house the controllers and their wiring for installations with stricter code requirements.

RTI Installation Accessories Details:

Cover Plates

RK1 -2 Cover Plate…………………………..$14.00
RK1 -4 Cover Plate…………………………..$14.00
RK1 -8 Cover Plate…………………………..$14.00
Available Q4 2006 in White, Almond, Silver, Black, Grey.

Faceplate Bezels
RK3 Faceplate Bezel………………………...$20.00
K4 Faceplate Bezel (classic style).............…. $25.00
K4 Faceplate Bezel (contemporary style)……$25.00
RK3 Available Now, K4 Available End of September in White, Almond, Ivory, Silver, Black.

Pre -Construction Brackets
PCB -RK2 Pre -Construction Bracket………....$22.00
PCB -RK3 Pre -Construction Bracket…………$22.00
PCB -K4 Pre -Construction Bracket…………...$27.00
Available Now.

Pre -Construction Back Boxes
BB -RK2 Pre -Construction Bracket…………...$39.00
BB -RK3 Pre -Construction Black Box………...$39.00
BB -K4 Pre -Construction Black Box……….....$49.00
Available Q4 2006. Feature 9 (RK2, RK3) or 15 (K4) pre -punched knockouts for wiring.

Talking Points
• RTI introduces cover plates, faceplate bezels, pre -construction brackets and back boxes for the RK1 Series of Keypads and RK3 & K4 In -Wall System Controllers.
• Cover plates for the new keypads are available in white, almond, ivory, silver, black or grey.
• The RK3 faceplate bezel snaps -on, while the K4 attaches magnetically to the controller.
• The K4 faceplate bezel comes in two styles -classic and contemporary.
• Faceplate bezels are available in white, almond, ivory, silver or black.
• Pre -construction brackets are installed before drywall is hung
• Pre -construction back boxes house controllers and wiring for installations with stricter code requirements.
• Makes installation easier, less expensive.
• All accessories available by Q4 2006.

About Remote Technologies, Incorporated

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a technology -driven company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, that specializes in developing and marketing innovative home theater control products.

Founded in 1992 with a focus on the custom home installation market, RTI has become the leader in creating wireless control solutions that solve the foremost challenges facing electronic systems installers.

RTI's guiding passion is centered about making any size home theater or other electronic system simple and pleasant to use. The company's design philosophy emphasizes an intuitive and enjoyable experience of its award -winning products, from its universal system controllers, to signal storage and processing devices, and PC programming software. For additional information on RTI and all its innovative products please visit www.rticorp.com

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