New DVR offers dealers excellent quality surveillance solution for businesses.

Hardware compression, excellent image quality, real-time video and audio recording.

Kingston, ONT - Sentry Security Systems Inc is releasing the Sentry LE -HC Digital Video Recorder (DVR) on October 6, 2006. It supports from 1 -16 security cameras and provides an easy -to -use, real -time, excellent video quality surveillance solution for security dealers servicing convenience stores, retail stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, gas stations, and more.

This Linux -based embedded DVR has no software on the hard drive to corrupt and cannot be attacked by viruses, for maximum reliability. Operation can be accomplished by IR remote controller (comparable to a TV or VCR), as well as by mouse, providing a comfortable "feel" for users with or without PC experience. In addition, these DVRs can be accessed remotely over the Internet or LAN. This ability to view live and/or recorded video from remote locations using a standard PC allows people to easily keep an eye on their premise(s) no matter where they are.

"We introduced the Sentry LE Series to the DVR market three years ago and we're building on its success with the release of the Sentry LE -HC. The two products are similar, but what sets the Sentry LE -HC apart is its real -time recording, one audio channel per video channel and MPEG4 hardware compression/decompression, the latter of which greatly reduces the strain on system resources." said Mike Demmons, Business Development Manager at Sentry. "The Sentry LE -HC will open up huge opportunities for dealers and resellers by providing them with an extremely reliable, easy -to -use, real -time, excellent video quality surveillance solution for their clients."

Advantages of a Sentry LE or LE -HC DVR:

· Very stable and reliable providing years of worry -free operation
· Excellent recorded video quality
· Simple plug -and -play installation
· Easy -to -use interface and operation
· Remote access allows video to be watched from other locations
· No need to change tapes - all video is recorded to a hard drive
· 1 year free technical support, 1 year warranty on parts and labor
· Low monthly payments available through Sentry leasing program

"Our Sentry LE Series system has performed flawlessly and provided valuable video security evidence on several occasions. It provided detailed video evidence of a break -in that occurred during the night as well as catching a narcotics user who, while a clerk was verifying payment information, emptied a bottle of pills into her purse." Dale McCleskey owner of a retail pharmacy store called Best Buy Drug Store.

An excellent add -on to a Sentry LE or LE -HC video security system is the LE Data Capture. It can record and display transaction data from a POS System (cash register). The data from each transaction is then directly overlaid onto the video and a searchable database is created allowing abnormal transactions to be pinpointed on video. This device helps lower inventory and cash shrinkage, ensures a safer environment for employees, enhances loss prevention, and provides powerful search features to facilitate business management.
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Founded in 1999, Sentry Security Systems Inc is a leading supplier of digital video security systems and CCTV equipment to homeowners, businesses, industry and government. We are committed to providing the best advice and technical support in the industry, combined with superior products at outstanding prices.

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Highlighted Features:
o Multi -camera board capable: Add up to 4 camera input boards (16 cameras total) in each digital video recorder.
o Modular: Individual components can be replaced as needed meaning the whole DVR doesn't have to be replaced when servicing and upgrading.
o Complete integration: PTZ cameras and alarm inputs/outputs can be easily integrated with the LE series.
o VGA video output for high quality display at 320x240 or 640x480 pixel resolution per camera.
o Built in 10/100 LAN adapter for fast, quality remote access.
o Compression: MPEG4 hardware compression provides amazing real -time (30fps per camera) video recording/display with pixel resolution up to 720 x 480.
o Control: On -screen programming using either an infra -red remote control or mouse. In addition, the LE -HC Series DVRs can be set -up/controlled remotely via LAN or Internet (password protected).
o Embedded: No software on the hard drive to corrupt and cannot be attacked by viruses, for maximum reliability.
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