Arxceo and MindPower Make Anti -Reconnaissance and Intrusion Prevention Technologies Available

MindPower International adds Arxceo products to GSA schedule

Arxceo and MindPower Make Patented Anti -Reconnaissance and Intrusion Prevention Technologies Available to Government Entities

MindPower International adds Arxceo products to GSA schedule

HUNTSVILLE, AL, October 4, 2006 - MindPower International, a leading Oracle applications and services consultancy, has added Arxceo's Ally IP1000™ and Ally ip100™ products to their GSA schedule enabling government purchasers to obtain the products through the standard pricing and processes provided through the GSA structure.

Arxceo's patented technologies, PnPro™ and Tag -UR -IT™, significantly enhance network protection in today's environment. Arxceo implements these technologies in both their Ally IP1000 and Ally ip100 to provide the most robust anti -reconnaissance and anomaly -based intrusion prevention technologies in the industry.

"Arxceo's PnPro features are easy -to -use and install, and have the highest level of protection while improving overall network throughput," said David Sellers, CEO of MindPower International. "Their Tag -UR -IT technology confuses reconnaissance results of attackers. Industry leading tests show a 0.0% chance of attackers predicting the sequence numbers of connection IDs for the range of hardware and operating systems protected by an Ally product."

Arxceo's Ally security devices prevent the spread of worms across the different segments of your network and fortifies network protocols, eliminating abuses such as covert channeling, DNS cache poisoning, fragmented packet 'exploit injections' and raw -frame Ethernet data leak transmissions. The Ally transparently authenticates end -user TCP connections without client software to communicate or authenticate the session. This authentication eliminates address spoofing, a common method used in both network reconnaissance and network attacks - including Denial of Service abuses.

Natalie Dyess, Government Marketing Manager for MindPower International added, "Rave reviews of Arxceo's Ally ip100 in leading industry publications confirmed our plans to add the Arxceo products to our GSA schedule. The Ally ip100 was repeatedly named best in it class despite its dramatically lower price tag."

"MindPower International's commitment to offering Arxceo products through the GSA shows their dedication to ensuring that government networks are protected and a deep understanding of the value brought by Arxceo's anti -reconnaissance and TAG -UR -IT technologies," commented Arxceo's Director of Product Management and Customer Operations, David Freytag. "MindPower International has proven their ability to design and implement network security and continues to be a strong partner for Arxceo."

About Arxceo Corporation
The company provides anti -reconnaissance and anomaly -based, attack -prevention appliances that help secure networks from information gathering, vulnerability exploitation, zero -day worm attacks and other malicious network traffic. Arxceo's patented Plug and Protect (PnPRO) and Tagged Universal Resource Information Transmission (Tag -UR -IT) technologies combine to provide a distinctive approach to anomaly -based and behavior -based intrusion prevention. Arxceo is now a JCI Group Company. In February, 2006, JCI acquired a majority ownership of Arxceo. JCI is a world -leading wireless data solution provider servicing enterprises and individuals requiring secure data communication. For more information, visit

About MindPower International
MindPower International, a HUBZone certified veteran owned company and a leading Oracle applications and services consultancy, helps global clients achieve measurable business results through the rapid application and support of advanced Oracle technology. Founded in 2000, MindPower International has offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Demopolis (AL) and Washington DC. More information about MindPower International can be found at www.mpi

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