NetStreams New 'Streaming Music Manager' Enables Playback of Music From Any Network Devices

IP-Based Networked Music Manager Seamlessly Integrates Music From PCs, Macs, Media Servers, iPods, or any Networked Music Sources in Real-Time

DENVER, CO - September 14, 2006 - Offering consumers the ability to listen to their music collection regardless of where their music is stored, NetStreams®, the global leader in networked entertainment systems and technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), introduced the Streaming Music Manager (Model SMM100), here today at the CEDIA Expo, the world's largest exposition devoted to multi -room home entertainment and control systems. An IP -Based rack -mountable component incorporating NetStreams' patent pending StreamNet™ technology, the SMM100 automatically discovers any networked music source for playback on a DigiLinX™ Multi -Room Entertainment and Control system. Listeners can select up to six high -quality uncompressed or compressed music streams from each SMM100 for simultaneous playback in different rooms.

"Consumers shouldn't have to care where their music is in order to access it," said NetStreams CEO and Founder Herman Crdenas. "The advantage of the SMM100 is that the user no longer has to rely on storing all music in one location. You can keep your music where it is. Even if the user has a fantastic music/media server, the SMM100 offers the added advantage of combining that music with music stored on PCs and other networked sources. As long as these sources are connected to the network, the SMM100 will find and access it; even music stored in a cellular phone when connected via USB. The Streaming Music Manager realizes NetStreams vision of providing easy access to any source on the network."

Incorporating DigiFi™ Platform software from London -based Digital Fidelity Corporation and embedded Windows® XP, the Streaming Music Manager constantly monitors the network for music files being added or removed, maintaining an internal database of shared music available at any given time. Within fifteen minutes of connecting a shared music source, the Streaming Music Manager locates and begins indexing the available music from networked sources such as a PC, Mac®, Media/Music Server, Windows Media Center®, Network Attached Storage (NAS), USB storage, iPod or other portable music player. Once that indexing has been completed, the Streaming Music Manager makes it available via the DigiLinX controls.

This breakthrough product expands the capability of the NetStreams DigiLinX system by adding more of the consumer's networked devices as entertainment sources. Users can take advantage of the storage that they already own, which can be found in their PCs, portable music players, and USB devices.

With NetStreams' DigiLinX IP -Based Multi -Room Entertainment and Control system, users can also enjoy multiple streams of music stored on compatible music servers (Audio ReQuest®, Escient®, and Imerge®) via a single direct CAT5 connection to the NetStreams SwitchLinX™ IGMP -enabled switch. DigiLinX also provides a mechanism to stream music from legacy sources (DVD, CD, tuners, and more) when connected to a NetStreams MediaLinX™ (legacy source converter) another product in the DigiLinX line.

Installing the SMM100 is virtually plug -and -play, thanks to the intuitive DigiLinX Dealer Setup program, which requires no programming or IT expertise. Elegant and compact, the Streaming Music Manager is just one unit of rack space high and ships with attachable rack ears, making it extremely easy to install.

About DigiLinX

NetStreams DigiLinX family of IP -Based products offer distributed entertainment and control with capabilities never seen before. DigiLinX features plug and play architecture with a rich user experience only available in highly custom systems today. DigiLinX delivers on the promise of convergence - - effectively marrying networking technologies with hi -fidelity audio and video - - leading the way in 'Networked Digital Entertainment'.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams is the world leader in digital entertainment networks, based on Internet protocol (IP) technology. NetStreams' IP -Based systems, are designed for residential and commercial use, and offer new levels of affordability, simplicity, reliability, and expandability, benefiting both installers and end -users with lower costs for installation and set -up, with an intuitive and rich user experience.

By utilizing its patent -pending StreamNet technology, NetStreams systems enables true plug -n -play integration with other products for entertainment, automation, security, and communications. NetStreams is committed to utilizing cutting -edge human factors engineering to create entertainment systems that are truly user -friendly and future compatible. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP -Based entertainment today.

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